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Contributed Content Sneak Peek: Accepted Immersion Sessions and Papers

The National Program Committee has accepted the following Immersion Sessions, Program Description Papers, and Research Papers to be presented at MLA '22. Immersion sessions will be held in-person only, while papers will be presented in-person with some offered online (announced in January). Contributed content is categorized into one of seven MLA Areas of Practice:

  • Clinical Support
  • Education
  • Health Equity & Global Health
  • Information Management
  • Information Services
  • Innovation & Research Practice
  • Professionalism & Leadership

MLA is also excited to announce the Collection Development and Resource Sharing Symposium. Be sure to check back for the latest announcements.

Click below to jump to the Contributed Content Sections:

Immersion Sessions

Immersion Sessions are up to 75 minutes of "deep dives" into a single topic. The format may include interactive panel presentations, role-playing, gamification, discussions, working groups, and other activities engaging with the audience.

Areas of Practice

Immersion Session Title

Education, Clinical Support Establish, Maintain, and Protect: Teaching Healthcare Professionals how to Build Positive Online Identities
Education, Health Equity & Global Health Let’s Get Critical: Understanding and Applying Critical Theory in Library Practice
Education, Information Services Addressing Challenges in Information Literacy Instruction: A Case-Based Approach
Education Reflect on Accessible Content and Universal Design: An Introductory Immersion Session
Health Equity & Global Health, Information Services Using the One Health Approach to Link Global to Local Health
Information Management, Information Services Curation, Coding, and Communication: Leveraging Librarian Skillsets for Research and Clinical Data-Focused Roles
Information Management Mind the Gap: From RDM 101 to Data Deep Dives
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice AVSL Vetted Journal Workshop: Combat Predatory Publishing By Learning How To Develop Your Own Vetted Journal Program, Step-By-Step
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Seeing The Forest Through The Trees: A Multi-Institution Panel Discussion Comparing Evidence Synthesis Services
Information Services Transformative Agreements: Challenges, Opportunities, And Potential Impacts In Health Science Libraries
Innovation & Research Practice Potential Pitfalls In Conducting A Research Study
Professionalism & Leadership, Clinical Support Reflect, Renew, Reconnect To Envision A New Service Model For You, Your Customers, and Your Library
Professionalism & Leadership, Education Developing Pathways To Health Sciences Librarianship
Professionalism & Leadership, Education Hardback Life: Reading A Short Story To Develop Your Cultural Humility Skills
Professionalism & Leadership, Education Reimagining The Practicum Experience: Post-Pandemic Round-Up
Professionalism & Leadership Cultivating Member Engagement the Armadillo Way: A Practical Guide for Chapters and Caucuses
Professionalism & Leadership Mentor-Mentee Relationships: Building Collaborative Partnerships For Career Success
Professionalism & Leadership Reflect To Renew: Improving The Accessibility Of Your Library’s Public Spaces
Professionalism & Leadership Servant Leadership In Libraries In The Time Of COVID-19

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Program Description Papers

Program Description Papers are 10-15 minute presentations related to products, programs, technologies, administrative practices, and services conducted by librarians and information professionals.

Areas of Practice

Program Description Paper Title

Clinical Support, Health Equity & Global Health Contact Tracing as Information Service: A Librarian's Reflection
Clinical Support, Information Management A Collaborative Effort to Build an Evidence-Based Practice Project Repository
Clinical Support Exploring a New Clinical Librarian Position Through a Library Residency Program: Plans, Pivots, and Potential
Education, Health Equity & Global Health Gearing Up for Citizen Science: Designing a MOOC with an Environmental and Community Health Focus
Education, Health Equity Global Health Know More & Feel Better!
Education, Health Equity Global Health Reflections on Building a Medical Humanities Collection
Education, Information Management Providing EndNote Instruction Through Interactive Tutorials
Education, Information Services Breaking Down Professional Siloes: Librarian Contributions to the Development of a School of Dentistry Grand Rounds Curriculum
Education, Information Services Collaborating with Pharmacy Faculty and Fellows to Improve Student Experience with Drug Information
Education, Information Services Supporting First-Generation Graduate Students in an Academic Health Sciences Library Setting
Education, Innovation & Research Practice Devising a Practicum Experience Using the Medical Library Association Professional Competencies: A Program Review
Education, Innovation & Research Practice Paging Dr. Grey: Implications for Embedding Grey Literature Instruction in Nursing Education
Education Innovation & Research Practice Scholarly Snippet Sessions: A Collaborative Research Series Among Six College of Osteopathic Medicine Libraries
Education Innovation & Research Practice We're Virtually There: Providing Health Sciences Education and Wellness Through Virtual Reality Experiences
Education, Professionalism & Leadership Elevating the Voices and Experiences of LGBTQ+ Health Providers in Medical Education
Education, Professionalism & Leadership Race Card Wall Project: Reflecting on the Role of Race in Medical Education
Education Communicating COVID: A Series of Panel Discussions Focusing on the Strategies, Struggles, and Stories Around Communicating Reliable Information About COVID-19
Education Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Creation of Digital Flashcards to Enhance the Pre-Clinical Pharmacology Curriculum
Education No, Bananas Don't Cure HIV, nor Will Garlic Cure COVID-19: Searching for, Assessing, and Consuming Health Information
Education With Our Powers Combined, We are Captain Digital Accessibility!
Health Equity Global Health, Education Synergism at Its Best: An Online Evidence-Based Practice Course for Clinicians in the US
Information Management, Information Services Accelerating Research Discovery in a Pandemic: Lessons from the NIH Preprint Pilot
Information Management, Information Services Creating a Digital Repository of Departmental Research to Enhance and Measure Research Impact
Information Management, Information Services Developing searchRxiv: An International Transdisciplinary Repository for Search Strategies
Information Management, Information Services Hear From Me: When Storytelling Meets a Health System Library
Information Management, Information Services Needs Assessment or Research Data Management Services at the Medical Campus
Information Management, Information Services Updating the NAHRS Nursing Essential Resources List: Utilizing Expert Knowledge and Peer Review Processes to Create a Reproducible Resource and Workflow
Information Management, Innovation & Research Practice Browser Friendly: Developing Data Catalog Metadata Using MeSH Terms
Information Management From Digital Commons to Ama/Primo: A Systems Interoperability Project
Information Management We're All in This Together...So Seamless Access is a Thing the Browser is Changing, What do I Need to Do or Know? 
Information Services, Clinical Support Librarian Collaboration in Guideline Development
Information Services, Clinical Support Peer Reviewing Systematic Review Searches: An Academic Library Adapts the PRESS Checklist
Information Services, Education A Library Guide for Anti-Racist Research
Information Services, Education Animal Topiary: 3Rs Search Hedges to Improve Searching for Animal Use Alternatives
Information Services, Education Journal, Article, and Author Metrics: A Just-in-Time Video for P&T Committee Members
Information Services, Information Management A Comparison of Research Analytics Tools
Information Services, Information Management Subject and Data Librarians Collaborating to Reach the School of Medicine About the 2023 NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Impact of PRISMA 2020 Reporting Guideline on Systematic Review Searches
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Making Sense of Basic Science Culture
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Synthesizing Services: Sharing and Comparing Systematic Review and Evidence Synthesis Services in Academic Libraries
Information Services, Professionalism & Leadership Promoting Usage of Library E-Resources Among University Faculty: A User-Centric Approach to Information Literacy in a Developing Country Medical School
Information Services Connecting with GME: Building on Previous Efforts, Structuring Outreach, and Increasing Engagement
Innovation & Research Practice, Education Reproducibility is Not Rigor: Teaching Open Practices to Empower Researches
Innovation & Research, Information Services Defining the Librarian's Role in a Continuing Evidence Monitoring Pilot Project
Innovation & Research, Information Services Expanding Our Horizon: Library Research Training Series for Clinical Researchers
Innovation & Research Practice, Information Services Reflecting on Librarians' Needs: Renewing a Systematic Review Service
Innovation & Research Practice, Information Services Renewed and Refreshed: Reflections on a Systematic Review Guide and Protocol Development Experiencing Using DMPTool
Innovation & Research Practice Implementation and Assessment of an End-to-End Open Science & Data Collaborations Project
Professionalism & Leadership, Education A Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Leveraging Connections for Innovative Professional Development During Turbulent Times
Professionalism & Leadership COVID Keepers: Maintaining Strategies for Motivation, Encouragement, and Teamwork Throughout a Pandemic
Professionalism & Leadership Developing an Employee Code of Conduct for an Academic Medical Library
Professionalism & Leadership Friend-Raising: Successful Fundraising Techniques for Academic Health Sciences Librarians
Professionalism & Leadership Reflections of Our Vision Science Caucus Journey: The Road from SIG to Caucus
Professionalism & Leadership Tracking Professional Growth: Developing a Digital Professional Portfolio Training
Professionalism & Leadership Turning Feedback into Action

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Research Papers

Research Papers are 10-15 minute presentations on designing, conducting, and analyzing a research project.

Areas of Practice

Research Paper Title

Clinical Support, Information Services Effectiveness of Clinical Librarians Providing Information on Patient Care Rounds
Clinical Support, Professionalism & Leadership Hardback Life: A Book Club Focused on Literature for Young People for Pediatric Hospital Staff
Clinical Support Which Consumer Health Information Websites Appear Most Often in Google, and How Reliable are They? An Analysis Using Discern, Craap, And Honcode
Education, Clinical Support Getting Schooled on Instruction: A Needs Assessment on Teaching Competencies for Librarians
Education, Information Services Bibliotherapy for Stress Management: A Wellness Intervention for First-Year Medical Students
Education, Innovation & Research Practice Building Question Formulation Skills Among Dental Hygiene Students
Education, Innovation & Research Practice Do Your General Public Users Understand the COVID-19 Health Information You Have Provided? A Content Analytical Study
Education, Innovation & Research Practice Publication Trends of LIS Faculty Teaching Health-Related Courses
Education, Innovation & Research Practices Health Sciences Faculty Knowledge and Use of Online Textbooks: A Pilot Survey of Two Universities
Education, Innovation & Research Practices Health Sciences Library Workshops in the COVID Era: Librarian Perceptions and Decision Making
Education, Professionalism & Leadership Faculty Experiences With and Attitudes Toward Librarian Involvement in Online Interprofessional Education: A Qualitative Study
Education Didactic Physician Assistant Students' Perceptions of Evidence-Based Medicine Resources: A Cross-Sectional Examination
Education Experimenting with the Flip as an EndNote Instruction Method
Health Equity Global Health Developing a Stakeholder-Guided, Principles-Based Community Engagement Toolkit
Information Management, Information Services Show Me the Data! Reflecting on the Data Sharing Practices Demonstrated in Published Research at a Medical University
Information Management, Information Services The Continued Problem of Uniform Resource Locator Decay: An Updated Analysis of Health Care Management Journal Citations
Information Management, Innovation & Research Practice Establishing Metrics to Evaluate Biomedical Journal Diversity
Information Management, Innovation & Research Practice Exploring Library Use as We Return to "Normal" in "Fall of 2021: How Different is the New Normal and Why?
Information Management, Innovation & Research Practice How are NIH Researchers at San Diego State University Sharing Their Data: Helping to Ensure Compliance
Information Management Reflecting on Collection Development Implications from the Impact of COVID-19 on Interlibrary Loan in Health Sciences Libraries
Information Services, Health Equity Global Health Academic Health Sciences Libraries' Outreach and Engagement with Native American Communities: A Scoping Review
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Adapting the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Countries' Geographic Search Filters (MEDLINE and Embase, Ovid): developing Low-and Middle-Income Countries' (LMIC) Filters
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Assessing a Long-Standing Health Sciences Liaison Librarian Program
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Developing and Validating a PubMed Infant Hedge: An MLA Pediatrics Librarians Caucus Initiative
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Evaluating the Influence of Information Literacy Instruction on Health Information-Seeking Behavior in African American Communities: Preliminary Results of a Qualitative Evidence Synthesis
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Incorporating a Practice Drug Information Question Into an Evidence-Based Medicine Skills Lab
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Reflecting on the Development of Librarian Research Connections
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice Reporting of the Identification of Studies Trough Other Means in Evidence Synthesis: A Cross-Sectional Study
Information Services, Innovation & Research Practice The Effect of librarian Collaboration on the Quality of Otolaryngology Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis
Information Services, Professionalism & Leadership Information Specialists: Guardians of Scientific Output of Their Institute
Information Services Assessment of Library Services at Top-Performing Pediatric Hospitals in the Southeast United States
Information Services Characterizing Search Practices and Reporting in Recently Published Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Dentistry
Information Services Common Misspellings and Their Impact on Health Sciences Literature Search Results
Information Services Virtual Reference at Health Sciences Libraries in the Time of COVID-19
Innovation & Research Practice, Clinical Support Assessing the Information Needs of Health Care Providers Related to Vaccine Hesitancy
Innovation & Research Practice, Education AHEC Libraries: Resources of the Past?
Innovation & Research Practice, Education Librarians and Clinical Pastoral Educators Collaborating to Teach Evidence-Based Practice and Research Literacy
Innovation & Research Practice, Information Management Reflecting on Article Keywords from Health Sciences Librarianship Journals: Creating a Taxonomy for Trend Analysis
Innovation & Research Practice, Information Services A Systematic Investigation of Librarians' Contributed and Impact on Pharmacy Research, Education, and Clinical Care Through a Bibliometrics Approach
Innovation & Research Practice, Information Services An Observational Study on the Key Research Databases to Which Academic Health Sciences Libraries in North America Subscribe and Provide Access to Their Served Communities
Innovation & Research Practice, Information Services Semi-Automated Systematic Review Search Strategy Development Tools: A Guide for Expert Searches
Innovation & Research Practice An Evaluation of the Openness of COVID-19-Related Randomized Control Trials
Innovation & Research Practice Analysis of Public Preprint Server Comments on NIH Preprint Pilot Articles
Innovation & Research Practice Beyond the Conference: Health Sciences Librarians' Motivations for Publishing
Innovation & Research Practice Developing Best Practices for Searching During Public Health Emergencies
Innovation & Research Practice Semi-Automated Identification of Biomedical Literature: A Proof of Concept Study
Innovation & Research Practice Systematic Reviews and Retractions: A Reflection on Quality
Professionalism & Leadership, Clinical Support Analyzing Point of Care Tools Through Faculty, Resident, and Stakeholder Buy-In: A Cautionary Tale
Professionalism & Leadership, Clinical Support Consolidating and Delivering Comprehensive Library Services Following a Healthcare System Merger or Acquisition: A Delphi Study
Professionalism & Leadership, Innovation & Research Practice Analyzing Changes in Work-From-Home Policies for Academic Medical and Health Sciences Librarians
Professionalism & Leadership, Innovation & Research Practice Impact of COVID-19 on Parents/Guardians in the Library Profession
Professionalism & Leadership A Qualitative Study on MLIS Graduate Students' Perceptions of and Interest in Health Sciences Librarianship: Final Results
Professionalism & Leadership A Scoping Review on Librarian and Information Professionals' Contributions to Health Literacy to Inform Future Practice
Professionalism & Leadership Except for My Commute, Everything is the Same: The Shared Lived Experience of Libraries During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Professionalism & Leadership Exploring Perceptions on DEI Workplace Training Through a Self-Assessment Survey
Professionalism & Leadership The Impact of COVID-19 on Burnout in Health Information Professionals
Professionalism & Leadership Workplace Burnout Among Academic Medical Librarians

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