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2020 Awards and Recognitions

Members will be able to celebrate and honor their colleagues for their distinguished service to MLA and to health sciences librarianship.

  • General recognition of volunteers
  • New Academy of Health Information Professionals members
  • Distinguished Members of the Association
    • New MLA Fellows
      • Teresa L. Knott, AHIP, FMLA
      • Michelle Kraft, AHIP, FMLA
    • Marcia C. Noyes Award
      • Gerald J. Perry, AHIP, FMLA
    • President’s Award
      • Susan Lessick, AHIP, FMLA
      • Gerald J. Perry, AHIP, FMLA
      • Communities Transition
        • Futures Task Force, 2013-2014: Nancy J. Allee, AHIP; Jane Blumenthal, AHIP, FMLA; Lori A. Bradshaw; Margaret H. Coletti; Tara Douglas-Williams, AHIP; Lisa Federer, AHIP; Heather N. Holmes, AHIP; Dixie A. Jones, AHIP; Steven L. MacCall; Meaghan Muir; Cristina Pope, AHIP; Anne K. Seymour; Chris Shaffer, AHIP; Howard Silver; Meredith I. Solomon; J. Tooey, AHIP, FMLA; Linda Walton, AHIP; Elizabeth C. Whipple, AHIP
        • Strategic Priorities Task Force, 2015–2016: Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP, Mark E. Funk, AHIP, FMLA, Sally Gore, Teresa L. Knott, AHIP, Alisha H. Miles, Jodi L. Philbrick, AHIP, Katherine R. Stemmer-Frumento, AHIP
        • Rising Stars, 2016–2017: Phill Jo, AHIP; Rachel Charlotte Lerner, AHIP; Tony Nguyen, AHIP; Gregg A. Stevens, AHIP
        • Rising Star Mentors, 2016–2017: Linné Girouard, AHIP; Karen L. Liljequist, AHIP; Michael R. Kronenfeld, AHIP, FMLA; April Joy Schweikhard, AHIP
        • Communities Strategic Goal Task Force, 2016–2019: Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP; Barbara A. Epstein, AHIP, FMLA; Teresa L. Knott, AHIP; Janna C. Lawrence, AHIP; Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, AHIP; Rikke Sarah Ogawa, AHIP; Katie Prentice, AHIP; Anne K. Seymour; Elizabeth C. Whipple, AHIP
        • Communities Transition Team, 2019–2020: Keith W. Cogdill, AHIP; Julia Esparza, AHIP; Stephanie Fulton, AHIP; Shannon D. Jones, AHIP; Claire B. Joseph, AHIP; Teresa L. Knott, AHIP; Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, AHIP; Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA; Rikke Sarah Ogawa, AHIP; Katie Prentice, AHIP; Lisa K. Traditi, AHIP; Elizabeth C. Whipple, AHIP
    • Annual meeting travel grants * over 100 members received support for attending the 2020 vConference
      • Ysabel Bertolucci MLA Annual Meeting Grant
      • EBSCO/MLA Annual Meeting Grants
      • 2020 MLA Annual Meeting Travel Grants
    • Professional development grants
      • Naomi C. Broering Latinx Heritage Grant
        • Nora Franco
      • Continuing Education Grant
        • Marilia Y. Antunez, AHIP
      • Hospital Libraries Professional Development Grant
        • Danielle N. Linden, AHIP
        • Louisa Verma, AHIP
      • Medical Informatics Career Development Grant
        • Suzanne Fricke, AHIP
    • Advanced education
      • MLA Doctoral Fellowship
        • Christina Lee Wyles, AHIP
      • MLA Scholarship
        • Samantha Kennefick
      • MLA Scholarship for Underrepresented Students
        • Christiana Julsaint
    • Rising Stars
      • 2020–2021: Alyssa Kathryn Migdalski; Kathleen Elizabeth Phillips; JJ Pionke; Erin M. Smith
      • 2019–2020: Kelsa Bartley; Kathryn Houk, AHIP; Jane Morgan-Daniel, AHIP; Elaina Vitale
    • Written works
      • Ida and George Eliot Prize
        • Exploring PubMed as a Reliable Resource for Scholarly Communications Services
          Peace Ossom Williamson, AHIP, and Christian Minter
      • Rittenhouse Award
        • Data Sharing Barriers during Infectious Disease Outbreaks
          Sarah Clarke, AHIP
    • International awards
      • Cunningham Memorial International Fellowship
        • Anar Kairatovna Dautova
      • T. Mark Hodges International Service Award
        • Laura Shane Godbolt (posthumous)
      • MLA Librarians without Borders®/Elsevier Foundation/Research4Life Grants (Sponsored by the Elsevier Foundation)
        • Training of Trainers Workshop in the Use of HINARI/GOALI and ARDI Research4Life Resources in Zambia
          Francina Ngula Simataa Makondo
        • Continuing Education Course and Training for Nigerian Medical Librarians and Research4Life Workshop
          Biliamin Oladele Popoola
        • Increasing and Promoting the Use of HINARI/Research4Life Resources among Health Care Professionals for Evidence-Based Practice and Systematic Reviews in Tanzania
          Deodatus Sabas
        • Increasing Access and Use of Research4Life HINARI and AGORA Resources by Health and Agriculture Professionals and Students in the Volta Region of Ghana
          Fred Kwaku Hayibor
        • HINARI/Internet Resources Workshop for Librarian and Researchers Improving Access to Research4Life Programmes to Establish Research Culture in Nepal
          Chandra Bhushan Yadav
    • Achievement awards
      • Virginia L. and William K. Beatty Volunteer Service Award
        • Margaret A. Hoogland, AHIP
      • Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award
        • Gail Kouame
      • Estelle Brodman Award for the Academic Medical Librarian of the Year
        • Joey Nicholson
      • Lois Ann Colaianni Award for Excellence and Achievement in Hospital Librarianship
        • Barbara S. Reich, AHIP
      • Consumer Health Librarian of the Year Award
        • Antonio P. DeRosa, AHIP
      • Louise Darling Medal for Distinguished Achievement in Collection Development in the Health Sciences
        • AVSL Whitelist Working Group and AVSL Whitelist Reviewers**
          Association of Vision Science Librarians (AVSL)–Vision Science Caucus of MLA
      • Lucretia W. McClure Excellence in Education Award
        • Amy Blevins
    • Research
      • Eugene Garfield Research Fellowship
        • Toluwase Victor Asubiaro
      • David A. Kronick Traveling Fellowship
        • Mark MacEachern
      • Donald A. B. Lindberg Research Fellowship
        • Antonio P. DeRosa, AHIP
      • Research Advancement in Health Sciences Librarianship Award
        • Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University–Richmond
        • Samuel J. Wood Library, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY
      • MLA Research, Development, and Demonstration Project Grant
        • Robin Champieux
    • Community award
      • MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award
        • New logo pin design contest to grow member engagement and raise funds for student conference scholarships
          Pacific Northwest Chapter of MLA (PNC)
    • Lectures
      • Janet Doe Lecturer for 2020
        • Chris Shaffer, AHIP
      • John P. McGovern Award Lecturer
        • Esther Choo

*2020 conference grants were re-formatted due the COVID pandemic and switch to a virtual conference. Given the hardship nature of the reformatted grants, recipient names are not shared. 

**Aug. 2020: name changed to the "Vetted List of Vision Science Journals"


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