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MLA '20 Invitation

Envision our future and celebrate our past at MLA’20 in Portland, OR, May 15–19, 2020! While the theme, “2020 Vision: The Future in Focus,” encourages us to look forward, we cannot look forward without learning from our history. One thing that the 2020 National Program Committee (NPC) has learned is that many attendees felt that the meeting was too long, so MLA ’20 will end on Tuesday evening, instead of Wednesday at noon. Watch for announcements of other changes to the schedule, too!

The NPC is planning exciting, educational, and interesting plenary sessions, but you can help by sharing your vision through a paper, an immersion session, a lightning talk, or a poster. The submission system is already open for fifteen-minute papers and ninety-minute immersion sessions, and you might be wondering what an immersion session is, since they are a fairly new concept to MLA. You can think of an immersion session as a “deep dive” into a topic, immersing participants in that subject. While presentations in a traditional paper session might be grouped around a theme, an immersion session is more intentional and cohesive. The planners of a ninety-minute immersion session have specific learning objectives, and the presentations and activities aim to fulfill those. Immersion sessions can contain almost any type of educational content, including, but not limited to, speakers, panelists, group discussion, and/or participant activities of all types. The only format an immersion session cannot take is that of a traditional submitted paper session—but that’s okay, because there is also the opportunity to submit papers for paper sessions!

Presentations at MLA ’20 will be categorized according to the MLA Areas of Practice, which also serve as the new domain hubs for caucuses. These Areas of Practice are:

  • Clinical Support
  • Education
  • Global Health & Health Equity
  • Information Management
  • Information Services
  • Innovation & Research Practice
  • Professionalism & Leadership

Please join us in Portland to share 3 1/2 days of education, sharing, and friendship, including a commercial exhibition with over 100 exhibitors. We look forward to seeing you!



Janna C. Lawrence, AHIP
Chair, 2020 National Program Committee

Melissa De Santis, AHIP
Cochair, 2020 National Program Committee


Experience Timeline

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Schedule (subject to change)

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