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October is National Medical Librarians Month

Over the past two years, the term “medical misinformation” has frequently appeared in the news. Fortunately, the general public benefits from the work that health science librarians do through providing reliable patient health information from behind the scenes to ensure that their partner researchers and medical professionals use the most credible and relevant medical sources. With the guidance of medical librarians, common detours of misinformation can be avoided, and the most reliable and up-to-date research is used in enhancing clinical comprehension.

That’s why this year’s theme for National Medical Librarians Month (NMLM) is Avoid Health Misinformation: Partner with a Medical Librarian.

Here are several resources you can use to raise awareness of the work you do. Add your library’s information, print out the poster, and put it where clinicians, students, nurses, administrators, and patients in your institution can see it.  Don’t forget to add the email signature to your messages.

We will be sharing more resources for NMLM in the coming weeks over social media. Interact with the posts, share them, retweet, or comment on them—the more you interact with these resources, the more awareness you’ll be raising for medical librarians. Start sharing today—and let us know how it goes.

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