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Ida and George Eliot Prize

The Ida and George Eliot Prize is presented annually for a work published in the preceding calendar year that has been judged most effective in furthering medical librarianship. The award was sponsored by Login Brothers Book Company, Chicago, IL, from 1962 to 2001. Nomination, criteria, and submission details

Award Recipients

  • 2015: Laure Perrier, Ann Farrell, Ana Patricia Ayala,  David Lightfoot, Tim Kenny, Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP, Nancy J. Allee, AHIP, Tara Brigham, Elizabeth Connor, AHIP, Teodora Constantinescu, Jaonne M. Muellenbach, AHIP, Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, AHIP, Ardis Weiss

    "Effects of librarian-provided services in healthcare settings: a systemic review."

  • 2014: Joanne Gard Marshall, AHIP, FMLA, Julia Sollenberger, AHIP, FMLA, Sharon Easterby-Gannett, AHIP, Lynn Kasner Morgan, Mary Lou Klem, Susan K. Cavanaugh, Kathleen Burr Oliver, Cheryl A. Thompson, Neil Romanosky, and Sue Hunter

    “The value of library and information services in patient care: results of a multisite study.” 

  • 2013: none awarded

  • 2012: Margaret M. Bandy, AHIP, FMLA and Rosalind F. Dudden, AHIP, FMLA

    "The Medical Library Association Guide to Managing Health Care Libraries"

  • 2011: none awarded

  • 2010: Ana D. Cleveland and Donald Cleveland

    "Health Informatics for Medical Librarians"

  • 2009: Daniel E. Banks, Runhua Shi, Donna F. Timm, Kerri Ann Christopher, David Charles Duggar, Marianne Comegys, and Jerry McLarty

    "Decreased Hospital Length of Stay Associated with Presentation of Cases at Morning Report with Librarian Support"

  • 2008: Keith Cogdill

    "Progress in Health Sciences Librarianship: 1970-2005"

  • 2007: none awarded

  • 2006: Jean P.Shipman and Sarah B. Watstein

    "Emerging Roles of Health Sciences Librarians"

  • 2005: Pamela Sherwill-Navarro and Addajance Wallace

    "Research on the Value of Medical Library Services: Does It Make an Impact in the Health Care Literature?"

  • 2004: Eileen Abels, Keith Cogdill and Lisl Zach

    "The Contributions of Library and Information Services to Hospitals and Academic Health Sciences Centers: A Preliminary Taxonomy"

  • 2003: Frieda O. Weise and Thomas D. McMullen

    "Study to Assess the Compensation and Skills of Medical Library Professionals Relative to Information Technology Professionals"

  • 2002: none awarded

  • 2001: Michael R. Kronenfeld

    "Hospital Libraries and the Internet Part Two: Focus on the Future."

  • 2000: Carol A. Burns, Cheryl Rae Dee, Ph.D., Jocelyn A. Rankin, Ph.D.

    "Using Scientific Evidence to Improve Hospital Library Services: Southern Chapter/Medical Library Association Journal Usage Study" Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, Volume 86, 1998

  • 1999: Barbara Schloman, Judith Burnham, Linda Slater, Eileen M. Wakiji

    "Mapping the Literature of Allied Health" Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, Volume 85, 1997.

  • 1998: E. Diane Johnson, M.A., Emma Jean McKinin, M.A., Joyce A. Mitchell, Ph.D., John C. Reid, Ph.D., Mary Ellen Sievert, Ph.D.

    "Beyond Relevance- Characteristics of Key Papers for Clinicians: an Exploratory Study in an Academic Setting"

  • 1997: Robert M. Braude, Ph.D., Valerie Florence, Ph.D., Mark E. Frisse, M.D., Sherrilynne S. Fuller, Ph.D.

    Series of articles published in the Medical Informatics Quarterly Series in Academic Medicine, Volume 70, 1995.

  • 1996: Michele S. Klein, Faith V. Ross and Deborah L. Adams

    "Effect of On-line Literature Searching on Length of Stay and Patient Care Costs"

  • 1995: Nina W. Matheson and Valerie Florence

    "The Health Sciences Librarian as a Knowledge Worker"

  • 1994: Jocelyn A. Rankin

    "Problem-Based Medical Education: Effect on Library Use"

  • 1993: Joanne G. Marshall, Ph.D.

    "The Impact of Information Provided by the Hospital Libraries in the Rochester Area on Clinical Decision-Making"

  • 1992: Mary Charles Lasater and Frances H. Lynch

    "Government Documents and the Online Catalog"

  • 1990: Joyce E. B. Backus, Sara Davidson, and Roy Rada

    "Searching for Patterns in the MeSH Vocabulary"

  • 1989: National Library of Medicine

    Past, Present, and Future of Biomedical Information

  • 1988: Ellen Gay Detlefsen and Thomas J. Galvin

    "Education for Health Sciences/Biomedical Librarianship: Past, Present, Future"

  • 1987: David A. Kronick, Ph.D.

    Literature of the Life Sciences: Reading, Writing, Research

  • 1986: M. Sandra Wood

    Editor, Cost Analysis, Cost Recovery, Marketing and Fee-Based Services

  • 1985: Association of American Medical Colleges

    "Physicians for the 21st Century: Report of the Project Panel on the General Professional Education of the Physician and College Preparation for Medical Education"

  • 1984: Jana Bradley, Ph.D.

    Editor, Hospital Library Management

  • 1983: Louise Darling

    Editor, Handbook of Medical Library Practice, 4th ed., v. 1

  • 1982: Joanne G. Marshall, Ph.D., and Victor Neufeld

    "A Randomized Trial of Librarian Participation in Clinical Settings"

  • 1981: Judith M. Topper, Jana Bradley, Rosalind F. Dudden, Barbara A. Epstein, Jane A. Lambremont, and Taylor R. Putney, Jr.

    "JCAH accreditation and the hospital library: A guide for librariansBulletin of the Medical Library Association 68(2):212-219, 1980.

  • 1980: Eloise C. Foster

    "Library Development and the JCAH Standards"

  • 1979: Ursula H. Poland

    "The Medical Library Association's International Fellowship Program"

  • 1978: Sylvia Feuer

    "Circuit Rider Librarian"

  • 1977: Winifred Sewell

    "Guide to Drug Information"

  • 1976: Susan Y. Crawford, Ph.D.

    "Health Sciences Libraries in the U.S.: A Five-Year Perspective"

  • 1975: Joan Titley Adams*

    In recognition of her excellent job in editing and coordinating the July 1974 issue of Library Trends

  • 1974: John A. Timour and William P. Koughan

    "Are Hospital Libraries Meeting Physicians' Information Needs?"

  • 1973: William K. Beatty

    In recognition of his long distinguished editorship of Vital Notes on Medical Periodicals

  • 1972: Alfred N. Brandon

    Selected List of Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library

  • 1971: Jane Fulcher

    Medical Librarian Examination Review Book, vol. 1

  • 1970: Thomas C. Meyer

    "Communications - A Supplement to Medical Library Services"

  • 1969: None Awarded

  • 1968: John B. Blake and Charles Roos

    1679-1966: A Selected Bibliography

  • 1967: Elizabeth Kennan

    In recognition of her personal efforts, which were instrumental in the establishment of the MLA Committee on Surveys and Statistics

  • 1966: Genevieve Cole, June L. Huntley, Lora Frances, and Irwin H. Pizer

    MLA Subcommittee on Recruitment "Medical Library Careers"

  • 1965: Paul J. Sanazaro

    "Guidelines for Medical School Librarians"

  • 1964: Scott Adams

    "Medical Library Resources and Their Development"

  • 1963: Frank B. Rogers, M.D. and Thelma Charen

    "Abbreviations for Medical Journals Titles"

  • 1962: Seymour L. Taine

    "Planning the Library for the Librarian"

* Deceased


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