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Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year

The Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award, sponsored by J.A. Majors, was established by the MLA Board of Directors in 1995.  The award was proposed by the Platform for Change Implementation Task Force as one of the ways to encourage health sciences librarians to creatively respond to the challenges of an evolving profession.  This award recognizes excellence, innovation and contribution to the profession of health sciences librarianship. These attributes must be shown through special projects beyond the normal operational programming of the chapter.  The recipient chapter receives a certificate at the annual meeting and a cash award of $500 after the annual meeting.  The cash award is earmarked for enhancing the programming of the recipient chapter’s annual or regular membership meeting


  • Applicants must be chapters of the Medical Library Association, as defined by the MLA Bylaws.
  • Support by the chapter for the application, as evidenced by an endorsement from the chapter chair on behalf of the executive committee or officiating body of the chapter.
  • Application is made for excellence in special projects or innovative operation programming demonstrating advocacy, leadership, service, technology, or innovations that contribute to the advancement of the health sciences librarian.
  • Evidence and assessment of the achievements and impact of the project on the profession and the members of the affected chapter must be demonstrated through goals, objectives, and project evaluation or outcome.
  • The chapter project must have been completed within the three years preceding the date of the application or must be an ongoing program that accomplishes the same goals set out for the project criteria. Projects/programs may be resubmitted as long as the timeframes and criteria are still met.


  • Applications and any supporting documentation must be received at MLA headquarters no later than November 1.
  • Applications must be accompanied by acknowledgement and endorsement of the chapter’s chair on behalf of the executive committee or officiating body of the chapter.

The chair of the recipient chapter will be notified in March before the annual meeting at which the presentation will be made.  The recipient chapter/chapter’s representative assumes all costs of attending the meeting and the ceremony at which the presentation is made.  If there are no appropriate candidates, the association may elect not to make the award in a given year.

Ready to Submit an Application? 

All supporting documents and applications forms must be completed by November 1. Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered. Proceed to the application form. 

Past Award Recipients

  • 2015: Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona
  • 2014: Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona
  • 2013: South Central Chapter
  • 2012: South Central Chapter
  • 2011: Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona
  • 2010: Southern Chapter
  • 2009: Pacific Northwest Chapter
  • 2008: New York-New Jersey Chapter
  • 2007: Upstate New York and Ontario
  • 2006: Midcontinental Chapter
  • 2005: Pacific Northwest Chapter
  • 2004: Pacific Northwest Chapter
  • 2003: New York-New Jersey Chapter
  • 2002: Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona
  • 2001: Southern Chapter
  • 2000: None Awarded
  • 1999: North Atlantic Health Sciences Librarians
  • 1998: Southern Chapter
  • 1997: Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group
  • 1996: Southern Chapter

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