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Donald A. B. Lindberg Research Fellowship

The Lindberg Research Fellowship Endowment, established in 2003, will provide a $10,000 grant, awarded annually by MLA through a competitive grant process. The purpose of this fellowship is to fund research aimed at expanding the research knowledge base, linking the information services provided by librarians to improved health care and advances in biomedical research.

See the MLA Research Imperative.

Application deadline is November 15. Application, criteria, and submission details.

Fellowship Recipients

  • 2015: Lorie Kloda, AHIP
    "Effectiveness of teaching students in occupational and physical therapy PICO vs. an alternative framework questions formulation: A randomized controlled trial"
  • 2014: Deborah H. Charbonneau, PhD
    "NIH Public Access and Data Sharing Policies: A Mixed-Methods Study"
  • 2013: Kristi L. Holmes, PhD
    "A Cross-Sectional Study Approach to Understanding Information Needs in Genomic Medicine"
  • 2012: Mary J. Moore
    "The Investment in Health Sciences Libraries in Relation to U.S. National Rankings for Medical Education and Research"
  • 2011: Thane Chambers
    "To Understand How Health Sciences Librarians in North America are Involved in Health Research" [preliminary title based on fellowship application]
  • 2010: Joanne Gard Marshall, Ph.D.
    "The Value of Library and Information Services for Patient Care"
  • 2009: Sujin Kim
    " A study of microscopie imaging description through captions published in academic biomedical journals"
  • 2008: Mark Puterbaugh
    " Evaluate a virtual 3-D environment as a tool to enhance student nursing and facilitate access to nursing, medical and healthcare information"
  • 2007: Michele R. Tennant
    "Assessment of User Skills and Efficiency in the Application of Bioinformatics Resources to Answer Biological Questions"
  • 2006: Indra Neil Sarkar
    "Research to Develop a Federated Resource That Links Biomedical and Biodiversity Knowledge, as Represented in Published Literature"
  • 2005: Yin Aphinyanaphongs
    "Research to Build and Evaluate a Novel Medical Information Retrieval System for Answering Clinical Questions"
  • 2004: Timothy Patrick, Ph.D.
    "Evidence-Based Information Retrieval in Bioinformatics"
  • 2003: Catherine Arnott Smith, Ph.D.
    "Ten Thousand Questions: Understanding How Consumers Express Their Health Information Needs"


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