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The New MLANET: Progress

The new design, content, navigation, and features of MLANET are a significant change from the previous iteration of the site, last updated in 2007.

Change is good. Really.

And we're not done yet! We've gone live with this version of the site (knowing it isn't perfect) so you have an opportunity to let us know what does and does not work for you ahead of MLA '14. In Chicago, MLA staff will be at the Connections Booth and happy to take your comments and questions. This page will continue to update you on changes and tweaks over the next several weeks and months. See answers to recent questions below.  

Still to Come

Areas of the site still under construction include:

  • Additional updated content in the Advocacy and Medspeak ("What Did My Doctor Say") areas;
  • Tweaking of responsive design for the multiplicity of new devices;
  • Providing access to content and features for older browsers and operating systems (e.g., IE8, Windows XP) as feasible;
  • more interactive features and content sharing in the Community area

As much as possible, we've tried to maintain the URLs of links members visit frequently; in some cases the site restructure made that impractical. Can't find something? Please let us know. 

We appreciate your helpful comments and look forward to making programs and services on MLANET even better for you! 

Recent Questions

  • Where's the member directory? Didn't there used to be a link? [Updated 6/23/14]

    You need to be logged in to see the MLA member, expertise, and mentoring directory. Once you log in, click on "My MLANET" to access the directory, leadership rosters, your educational portfolio, your profile, and more. Please note: this is a temporary menu that will be revised and enhanced when we inaugurate a more robust community area. We will also be adding specific links to the directory on the home page and in the "community" menu shortly.

  • What's up with Internet Explorer 8 [and 9 and 10]? [Updated 6/30/14]

    It's working! All users should now be able to see their "My MLANET" menu as a drop-down once you are logged in. Your view of the site is also similar to what all modern browsers see. Thanks to all for your patience!

    We still encourage IE8 users to talk with their IT departments or IT help desk and try and get at least one other browser that was updated in this decade!

  • I've heard others say the new site looks good, but I don't think so. I don't have a widescreen monitor, though, so is what I am seeing different?

    A major goal of the new MLANET is "responsive web design"—that is, making the site's content and navigation usable and readable across multiple devices by automatically detecting the size and orientation of a user's screen and adjusting the site to work flexibly and well. As some of you have noted, we are still tweaking this code; for example, the theme change for more mobile devices actually activates on the desktop far sooner than we'd like and does affect non-widescreen monitors. We are working to make these "break points" trigger less quickly and to provide a better reading experience when it does. This will also make mobile browsing more usable.

Have a question? Need an update? Contact us now!