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Oral History Project

The MLA Oral History Project conducts and preserves interviews that help illuminate the history of health sciences librarianship and of MLA. For more information, see the history of the project.

The original recorded interviews and transcripts are kept in the MLA archives. Printed, edited transcripts are available through interlibrary loan from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM). These volumes also include biographies, and in many cases photographs, of the interviewees. 

To access an oral history, contact your regional medical library through National Network of the Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), or contact Mary Langman, director, Information Issues and Policy, at MLA headquarters.

To participate as an interviewer or as a member of the Oral History Committee, or to suggest a person to be interviewed, contact Mary Langman, director of information issues and policy, or Carolyn Lipscomb, AHIP, project director. 

Section and Chapter Oral Histories

List of interviewees

If a name is not linked, the oral history is not yet edited or not yet published. Where a PDF index is available, a link is provided on the individual's summary page. All histories include indexes in the published copies.

For individuals with the "FMLA" designation, additional information may be found on the Fellows page.

( * = Deceased)