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Archives, history, and preservation

  • Honoring Our Past

    Usually, the recognition of a new MLA president is published on the president’s page in the Journal of the Medical Library Association issue following the election. It is often written by a well-known friend as a way of introducing the new president. Mildred Jordan became president in 1959, and the president’s page introducing her was different because it included comments from four deans of the Emory University School of Medicine. Dean Eugene A. Stead Jr. stated that he was impressed by the “competent manner in which she handled our student problems.

  • Hospital Libraries Section History

    Prepared for the MLA Centennial

    By Mary J. Jarvis, January 1999

  • History of the Oral History Project

    An oral history program was proposed in 1977 to provide history of American medical librarianship and the Medical Library Association by recording in their own voices the memories, reminiscences and experiences of medical librarians. In 1980 a three-year grant from the National Library of Medicine provided funds to further support the project. MLA has continued to provide financial support of this ongoing project with funding for audio-taping equipment, travel support for the interviewers, and for the cost of printing and distributing the completed histories.