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What You Should Know about Licensing

  • Collection Development Section, MLA: Provides links to additional electronic licensing resources
  • Creative Commons: Dedicated to making scholarly material, music, literature, film, and science widely available to the public. Site offers model licenses for free sharing of scholarly material.
  • LIBLICENSE-L, Licensing Digital Information, A Resource for Librarians: This comprehensive site, maintained by the Yale University Library Council on Library & Information Resources, provides a variety of tools and resources on several topics, including license vocabulary, licensing terms and definitions, licensing resource links, and more. To subscribe to the email discussion list visit the subscription page.
  • Science Commons: Science Commons designs strategies and tools for faster, more efficient web-enabled scientific research. Science Commons identifies unnecessary barriers to research, craft policy guidelines and legal agreements to lower those barriers, and develops technology to make research, data, and materials easier to find and use.
  • The University of Texas Crash Course in Copyright: This online course addresses topics, including licensing resources, copyright management, fair use, and other offsite resources.

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