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October is National Medical Librarians Month!

Click on the poster image for a larger, camera-ready, jpeg version, or download the PDF (5.94MB) version.

National Medical Librarians Month (NMLM)

Many heath professionals rely on Dr. Google or Wikipedia when searching for health information. Use the NMLM observance and supporting marketing materials this October and all year long to remind your institution's administrators, practitioners, researchers, and students that you are their best bet when searching for health information!


Promotional Resources for NMLM and All Year Long!
Posters are available for $15 each (includes shipping and handling). To order, please visit the MLA Store. For a free, folded copy, please contact Tomi Gunn.
"Are You A Risk Taker?" (jpg, 82.96KB ) (PDF, 5.94MB) "Critical Knowledge for Challenging Times" (jpg, 157KB) (PDF, 3.56MB)

"Saving You Time So You Can Save Lives" (jpg, 2.53MB) (PDF, 9.15MB) "Medical Librarians: Your Best Return on Investment" (jpg, 3.57MB)

"Medical Librarians: Your Ultimate Search Engine"(jpg, 2.38MB) "Vital Pathways: Better Outcomes Through Health Literacy. @sk Your Medical Librarian" (jpg, 914KB)
"Dig Deep @sk your medical librarian (jpg, 80KB) "Fishing for Quality Health Information? @sk Your Medical Librarian" (jpg, 3.06MB)
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For further information about National Medical Librarians Month, please contact Tomi Gunn, 312.419.9094 x11.