Renew your AHIP Membership

This will guide you as you prepare to renew your AHIP membership at your current level. Those looking to upgrade to a higher level will start on the Join AHIP page as the MLA Credentialing Committee views higher level applications as new applications. See the requirements summary table on that page to confirm your eligibility for higher level.

Current Level Renewal Requirements Summary

Level Renewal requiredMin. Activity Points* Documentation requiredRequired prof. association activities/service, past 5 years 
Provisional Annually until you reach 5 years of experienceAt least 8 points CE & 5 points other activity each yearAt least 8 points CE + 5 points individual  activity
Member Every 5 years50Tally Form + IPR form for any norn-MLA approved CE
Senior Every 5 years50Tally Form + IPR form for any non-MLA approved CE5 + (does not have to be MLA activity)
Distinguished Every 5 years50Tally Form + IPR form for any non-MLA approved CE10 + (5 from MLA/MLA Chapter service) 

Annual Provisional Renewal

Provisional Academy members must submit yearly documentation of at least 8 points of Sponsored Learning and 5 points of Individual Accomplishments (see Points Index), during their renewal dates, to retain AHIP status.

Please note:

  • There is no fee for annual Provisional renewal.
  • You will receive notification of your renewal before the due date for this documentation, but please also mark your calendar.
  • If you do NOT renew annually, your credential will be removed, and you will have to reapply
  • Your Provisional Membership lasts a maximum of five years. 
  • All points accumulated as a Provisional member can count toward membership at a higher level. We suggest you keep track of your activity during your Provisional membership, so you’ll be ready for higher level renewal.

Provisional renewal instructions

  1. Complete  the Provisional-Renew form
  2. Gather documentation for activity listed on the form.  If there is missing documentation, your renewal will be placed on hold until all documents are submitted
  3. Have your assigned Academy mentor review and sign the form. 

Submit your annual Provisional AHIP renewal (Dynamic: Provisional available only for those with Prov 1 through Prov 4 status)

Five Year Member, Senior, and Distinguished Renewal at the Same Level
AHIP membership at these levels are valid for 5 years and must be renewed by the end of your fifth year. You will receive reminders prior to expiration but please keep track of the date on your own calendar so you can plan your renewal.

Step 1: Gather your renewal document(s) 

Renewing your credential at your current level requires only:

  • Your Tally Form listing at least 50 points of activity from the past 5 years.
  • Senior or Distinguished level renewals still require the same professional association service/activity. If you do not show this activity, you will have to renew at a lower AHIP level
  • An Individual Participant Request Form (IPR) for each non MLA-approved CE course you are claiming.

Other than IPR forms, you are NOT required to submit other supporting documentation when renewing your credential at the same level—Yay!!

Step 2: Pay the renewal application fee 

AHIP application fees, which includes a 5-year membership term, are:  

  • Member, Senior, or Distinguished level –$275 for MLA members; $480 for non-MLA members 

Logged into your MLANET profile, generate an invoice at the level for which you’re renewing  then submit payment

  • Member level 
  • Senior level 
  • Distinguished level 


Step 3: Complete your application  

After your payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to the application.    

Using the link, you will submit:

  • Your completed Tally Form.
  • Any IPR forms required for non MLA-approved CE claimed

What happens after your renewal submission

  • Your MLANET profile and the AHIP roster will be updated with your new AHIP dates.
  • You will receive an official letter and certificate in the mail. Any requested employer letters will also be mailed.

Renew as an Emeritus Member of the Academy

Maintaining your Academy membership in your retirement allows you to continue to show your support for the Academy! There is no fee for Emeritus membership and Emeritus membership does not expire.

You are eligible for free Emeritus AHIP Membership if you are:

  • a current AHIP member. Lapsed AHIP members are ineligible.
  • retired or have set a retirement date within 1 year
  • have ten consecutive years of Academy membership (at any level except Provisional) prior to retirement

Please complete and submit the Emeritus form.  Once your membership is verified, your AHIP profile will be updated, and you will receive a certificate and letter in the mail.

Thank you for your many years of membership and support of AHIP!