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Papers from the April Issue (full table of contents on PubMed Central)

Case Studies

Flipping the classroom to teach systematic reviews: the development of a continuing education course for librarians
Marisa L. Conte, Mark P. MacEachern, Nandita S. Mani, Whitney A. Townsend, Judith E. Smith, Chase Masters, Caitlin Kelley

Susan A. Murphy, Catherine Boden
Lessons learned from ten years of distance learning outreach
Craig Locatis, Cynthia Gaines, Wei-Li Liu, Michael Gill, Michael Ackerman

Harnessing health information to foster disadvantaged teens' community engagement, leadership skills, and career plans: a qualitative evaluation of the Teen Health Leadership Program
Alla Keselman, Einas A. Ahmed, Deborah C. Williamson, Janice E. Kelly, Gale A. Dutcher

Research Reports

Health sciences librarians, patient contact, and secondary traumatic stress
Rachel W. Becker, Aileen McCrillis

Librarian readiness for research partnerships
Emily S. Mazure, Kristine M. Alpi


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