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The President's Award

The President's Award is given to an MLA member who has been selected by the association's officers and Board of Directors for a notable or important contribution made during the past association year. The contribution must have enhanced the profession of health sciences librarianship or furthered the objectives of the association.

Past Award Recipients                                                      

  • 2024: Mary M. Langman 
    In recognition of her 35 years career dedicated to the Medical Library Association.
  • 2024: MLA Be Well Planning Group:
  • In recognition of their work organizing online wellness sessions for two years that addressed burnout, anxiety, and stress since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Shannon D. Jones, AHIP, FMLA, Kelsa Bartley, AHIP, Karen Stanley Grigg, AHIP, Lorin K. Jackson, Irene (Rena) Machowa Lubker, AHIP, Dasha Maye, Tamara M. Nelson, AHIP, Ariel FitzGerald Pomputius, AHIP, and Kate M. Saylor
  • 2024: MLA Reads: 
    In recognition of hosting small group book discussions online covering diverse topics on diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing safe spaces for participants to engage in challenging conversations and earn MLA CE Credits.
    • Shannon D. Jones, AHIP, FMLA, Kelsa Bartley, AHIP, Ryan Harris, AHIP, Melissa DeSantis, Don P. Jason, III, Tamara M. Nelson, AHIP,  Virginia (Ginny) Pannabecker, AHIP, and Deidre (Dede) Rios, AHIP
  • 2023: Kris Alpi, AHIP, FMLA; Emily Brennan; and Heather N. Holmes, AHIP 
    In recognition of their work as authors of MLA’s It’s Time to Acknowledge Authorship for Librarians and Information Professionals on Evidence Synthesis Publications Statement.
  • 2023: Stephanie Clare Roth, AHIP; Aidybert Weeks, AHIP; and Jamia Williams
    In recognition of their work penning an open letter to NLM Regarding MeSH Term Changes.
  • 2022: Hospital Library Advocacy Team
    In recognition of their work developing the Partner with Hospital Librarians to Improve Patient Care statement.
    • Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP; Heidi Sue Adams, AHIP; Brian Lee Baker; Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, AHIP, FMLA; Julia Esparza, AHIP; Michelle Kraft, AHIP, FMLA; Elizabeth Laera, AHIP; Heather J. Martin, AHIP; Angela Spencer, AHIP; and Jill M. Tarabula, AHIP
  • 2021: Carolyn E. Lipscomb, AHIP, FMLA
    In recognition of her exceptional leadership as the Project Director of MLA’s Oral History Project for over 12 years. since 2009. 
  • 2021: MLA COVID-19 Resources Authors
    In recognition of their immediate response to create an invaluable resources for librarians, our communities, and health care consumer, which highlights the value of hospital and clinical librarians to the association and the communities the serve. 
    • COVID-19 Resource Page Authors: Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP; Jess L. Callaway, AHIP; Kristin LaLonde, AHIP; Angela Spencer, AHIP
    • Spanish-language COVID-19 Resource Page Authors: Naomi Bishop, AHIP; Nora Franco; Kathryn M. Houk, AHIP; Brenda M. Linares, AHIP; Ruby L. Nugent; Mirian Ramirez Rojas; Amy Reyes, AHIP; Bredny Rodriguez; Aidy Weeks, AHIP
  • 2021: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force 
    In recognition of their work to evaluate and improve MLA practices as they relate to DEI within MLA programs, publications, documents, and etc. 
    • Sandra G. Franklin, AHIP, FMLA, Chair; Kelly Akin; Diana Almader-Douglas, AHIP; Kelsa Bartley; Xan Y. Goodman, AHIP; Stephen Kiyoi, AHIP; Jane Morgan-Daniel, AHIP; Matthew Nicolas Noe; JJ Pionke; Neville D. Prendergast; Jessica Sender, AHIP; Amy Taylor; Gurpreet Kaur Rana 
  • 2020: Susan Lessick, AHIP, FMLA
    In recognition of her tirelessly work as the Chair of the Research Imperative Task Force and obtain funding for developing the Research Training Institute (RTI).
  • 2020: Gerald J. “Jerry” Perry, AHIP, FMLA
    In recognition of his leadership in the MLA InSight Initiative to engage health sciences librarians and information providers in high-level, high-value dialogue on issues that matter to both communities.     
  • 2020: In recognition of the members on several MLA working groups that advanced and transformed the fundamental structure of the association, which had not happened since the 1970s.
    • Futures Task Force, 2013–2014: Nancy J. Allee, AHIP; Jane Blumenthal, AHIP, FMLA; Lori A. Bradshaw; Margaret H. Coletti; Tara Douglas-Williams, AHIP; Lisa Federer, AHIP; Heather N. Holmes, AHIP; Dixie A. Jones, AHIP; Steven L. MacCall; Meaghan Muir; Cristina Pope, AHIP; Anne K. Seymour; Chris Shaffer, AHIP; Howard Silver; Meredith I. Solomon; M. J. Tooey, AHIP, FMLA; Linda Walton, AHIP; Elizabeth C. Whipple, AHIP
    • Strategic Priorities Task Force, 2015–2016: Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP; Mark E. Funk, AHIP, FMLA; Sally Gore; Teresa L. Knott, AHIP; Alisha H. Miles; Jodi L. Philbrick, AHIP; Katherine R. Stemmer-Frumento, AHIP
    • Rising Stars, 2016–2017: Phill Jo, AHIP; Rachel Charlotte Lerner, AHIP; Tony Nguyen, AHIP; Gregg A. Stevens, AHIP
    • Rising Star Mentors, 2016–2017: Linné Girouard, AHIP; Michael R. Kronenfeld, AHIP, FMLA; Karen L. Liljequist, AHIP; April Joy Schweikhard, AHIP
    • Communities Strategic Goal Task Force, 2016–2019: Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP; Barbara A. Epstein, AHIP, FMLA; Teresa L. Knott, AHIP; Janna C. Lawrence, AHIP; Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, AHIP; Rikke Sarah Ogawa, AHIP; Katie Prentice, AHIP; Anne K. Seymour; Elizabeth C. Whipple, AHIP
    • Communities Transition Team, 2019–2020: Keith W. Cogdill, AHIP; Julia Esparza, AHIP; Stephanie Fulton, AHIP; Shannon D. Jones, AHIP; Claire B. Joseph, AHIP; Teresa L. Knott, AHIP; Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, AHIP; Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA; Rikke Sarah Ogawa, AHIP; Katie Prentice, AHIP; Lisa K. Traditi, AHIP; Elizabeth C. Whipple, AHIP
  • 2019: Education Steering Committee
    In recognition of their work in furthering MLA's goal to become the "Learning Destination for Health Information Professionals" by working to expand the quality, quantity, variety, and reach of MLA education offerings.
    • Elizabeth Laera, AHIP; Merinda McLure, AHIP; Beth Hill, AHIP; Kristin Hitchcock, AHIP; Carrie L. Iwema, AHIP; Keith C. Mages, AHIP; Peace Ossom Williamson, AHIP; Stephanie M. Swanberg, AHIP; Stephanie Fulton, AHIP; Latrina Keith; Elizabeth G. Hinton, AHIP; Erika L. Sevetson; Melissa De Santis, AHIP; Donna Berryman, AHIP; and Julia Esparza, AHIP
  • 2018: Task Force to Review MLA’s Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success
    In recognition of their work revising the association's professional competencies to address changes to the work of health information professionals in the past decade, including technology advances, a new emphasis on research and expanded teaching responsibilities. 
    • Gale G. Hannigan, AHIP; Paula Raimondo, AHIP; Christopher Childs; Martha Earl, AHIP; Kate Kelly, AHIP; Elizabeth Laera, AHIP; Susan Lessick, AHIP, FMLA; Terri Ottosen, AHIP; Jodi L. Philbrick, AHIP; and Caitlin Ann Pike, AHIP 
  • 2017: Jodi L. Philbrick, AHIP
    In recognition of Philbrick's achievements in connecting people, ensuring that mutual understanding was achieved and progress made in MLA Program Committees, Section Council, Task Forces, and Board of Directors. 
  • 2017: 2015/2016 Bylaws Committee
    In recognition of the Bylaws Committee for their considerable efforts to present a thorough and diligently reviewed version of the bylaws amendments for the membership to adopt and vote on in 2016. 
    • Ellen Brassil, AHIP, Mary E. Helms, Andrea C. Kepsel, AHIP, Suzanne Ferimer, AHIP, Patricia Thibodeau, AHIP, FMLA, and Chris Shaffer, AHIP
  • 2016: Amy Chatfield, Melissa Ratajeski, AHIP, Brenda Seago, and Carrie L Iwema, AHIP
    In recognition of their outstanding work implementing a new way of selecting and providing programming for MLA annual meetings.
  • 2015: none awarded
  • 2014: J. Michael Homan, AHIP, FMLA, and Heather Todd
    In recognition of their exceptional achievement in planning and coordinating the successful international meeting, One Health: Information in an Interdependent World.
  • 2013: Nancy J. Allee, AHIP
    In recognition of her considerable efforts on the Future Directions for MLA survey, related focus groups, an open forum, and other information gathering, data analysis, and reporting.
  • 2012: Connie Schardt, AHIP, FMLA
    In recognition of her work in mentoring the development of an important and critical assessment of the Center for Research and Education or CORE Toolbox, and her many contributions to the profession, which include being an internationally recognized champion of evidence-based practice, a prolific continuing education instructor, an active mentor for the next generation, and a past president of MLA.
  • 2011: Susan S. Starr
    In recognition of her many initiatives to improve the quality, timeliness, and responsiveness of the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) to MLA members by integrating new technologies into the publication of MLA’s peer-reviewed journal.
  • 2010: none awarded
  • 2009: Clinton (Marty) Thompson, Jr.
    In recognition of his extensive contributions in the area of library disaster planning to MLA, its members, and the medical library community.
  • 2008: none awarded
  • 2007: Beth Wescott
    In recognition of her extensive contributions in the area of health information literacy to MLA, its members, and the medical library community.
  • 2006: Renee Bougard and Janice Kelly
    In recognition of their valuable contributions to Hurricane Katrina disaster relief for the medical library community.
  • 2005: Patricia L. Thibodeau, Linda A. Watson, and Carla J. Funk
    In recognition of their contributions in the area of scholarly publishing advocacy initiatives on behalf of MLA and its members.
  • 2004: Martha Fishel and Betsy Humphreys 
    In recognition of their work in transferring MLA's scholarly publication, the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association (BMLA), now known as the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA), into digital format from 1911.
  • 2003: Rosalind Farnam Dudden 
    In recognition of her contributions to the MLA Benchmarking Network Task Force and Project.
  • 2002: none awarded
  • 2001: none awarded
  • 2000: Fred W. Roper
    In recognition of his leadership and contributions to the professional development programs of MLA.
  • 1999: June H. Fulton
    In recognition for her work and leadership on the MLA Centennial Celebration.
  • 1998: Centennial Award - C. Everett Koop, MD, ScD (named the Centennial Award in honor of the 100th Anniversary of MLA) For his work to promote consumer health information and advocating to change the way medical students are trained.
  • 1997: Donald A. B. Lindberg
    In acknowledgment of his efforts to strengthen the programs and services, our members and members' institutions provide in support of health care, education, and research, enabling our members to be leaders in the application of new technologies in the delivery of health information. 
  • 1997: Kent A. Smith
    In acknowledgment of his efforts to ensure that members of Congress learn about and appreciate the information services provided by MLA members to American health professions.
  • 1996: Christiane J. Jones
    For her work in fostering understanding within MLA, within the Joint Commission, and within the broader health care community of the hospital librarian's role in the Joint Commission's standards for information management.
  • 1995: Lucretia W. McClure
    In acknowledgment of her commitment and leadership as MLA's copyright referent and contribution to the association and profession through her efforts to preserve the fair-use rights of libraries and educational institutions in the National Information Infrastructure.
  • 1992: Susan Crawford
    For her valuable contribution to the literature, the profession, and the association through the interim editorship of the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association.
  • 1989: Louise Darling, Lois Ann Colaianni, and David Bishop
    For their contribution to the literature, the profession, and the association through the publication of the Handbook of Medical Library Practice, 4th ed., v. 3.
  • 1988: Alison Bunting
    For her contribution to the literature, the profession, and the association through the publication of The Nation's Health Information Network: History of the Regional Medical Library Program, 1965–1985.
  • 1987: Erika Love
    For her leadership as chair of the Association of Academic Health Sciences Library Directors/MLA Joint Task Force to Develop Guidelines for Academic Health Sciences Libraries.
  • 1986: Irwin H. Pizer
    For his leadership as chair of the International Organizing Committee for the Fifth International Congress on Medical Librarianship (Tokyo, 1985) and contributions to the Fifty-first Council and General Conference of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (Chicago, 1985).
  • 1983: Nina W. Matheson
    "Academic Information in the Academic Health Sciences Center: Roles for the Library in Information Management"
  • 1982: Scott Adams
    "Medical Bibliography in an Age of Discontinuity"