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MLA 100 Most Notables (1898-1998)

Do you know a notable?

MLA’s Most Notables Workgroup wishes to recognize
members who have made notable contributions to
MLA over the last 25 years (1998-2023).

Nominate a person or group who has influenced the
direction, mission, and values of MLA.


The following individuals have made significant contributions both to the Medical Library Association and the health information profession. The list was compiled by the Centennial Coordinating Committee and the Awards Committee and was approved by the MI.A Board of Directors. The list features former MIA Presidents, Marcia C. Noyes Award winners, and Janet Doe Lecturers.

This list in provided in alphabetical order by last name.

Scott Adams
MLA President 1967/68

Isabelle T. Anderson
MLA President 1958/59

Rachael K. Anderson
MLA President 1997/98
Janet Doe Lecturer 1989

Gertrude L. Annan
MLA President 1961/62

James F. Ballard
MLA President 1937/39

L.F. Barker, M.D.
MLA President 1921/22

Jacqueline D. Bastille
MLA President 1992/93

David Bishop
Janet Doe Lecturer 1976
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1990

Harold Bloomquist
Janet Doe Lecturer 1975
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1983

Jana Bradley, Ph.D.
MLA President 1995/96
Janet Doe Lecturer 1995

Alfred N. Brandon
MLA President 1965/66
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1977

Robert M. Braude, Ph.D.
Janet Doe Lecturer 1996

Estelle Brodman, Ph.D.
MLA President 1964/65

Naomi C. Broering
MLA President 1996/97

Sarah C. Brown
MLA President 1973/74

William Browning, M.D.
MLA President 1917/19

Holly Shipp Buchanan, Ed.D.
MLA President 1987/88

Alison Bunting
Janet Doe Lecturer 1993

J.R. Chadwick, M.D.
MLA President 1904/05

Thelma Charen
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1985

Robert G. Cheshier
Janet Doe Lecturer 1981

Gilbert J. Clausman
MLA President 1977/78

Lois Ann Colaianni
MLA President 1979/80
Janet Doe Lecturer 1991
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1995

Helen Crawford
MLA President 1972/73

Susan Y. Crawford, Ph.D.
Janet Doe Lecturer 1983
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1992

Gwendolyn S. Cruzat, Ph.D.
Janet Doe Lecturer 1979

Eileen R. Cunningham
MLA President 1947/48

Louise Darling
MLA President 1963/64

Marjorie J. Darrach
MLA President 1950/51

George Dock, M.D.
MLA President 1906/08

Janet Doe
MLA President 1948/49

Marion Dondale
MLA President 1953/54

Wesley Draper
MLA President 1955/56

John W. Farlow, M.D.
MLA President 1920/21

Jacqueline W. Felter
MLA President 1968/69

C. Perry Fisher
MLA President 1912

Eloise C. Foster
MLA President 1988/89

W.W. Francis, M.D.
MLA President 1935/37

Charles Frankenberger
MLA President 1934/35

June H. Fulton
MLA President 1993/94

Lt. Col. F.H. Garrison
MLA President 1919/20

George M. Gould, M.D.
MLA President 1898/1901

Frances Groen
MLA President 1989/90

Bertha Hallam
MLA President 1956/57

Bernice M. Hetzner
MLA President 1971/72

Samuel W. Hitt
MLA President 1974/75
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1982

T. Mark Hodges
Janet Doe Lecturer 1997

Ruth Holst
Janet Doe Lecturer 1990

Virginia H. Holtz
Janet Doe Lecturer 1986

A. Jacobi, M.D.
MLA President 1905/06

Barbara Coe Johnson
MLA President 1975/76

Col. Harold W. Jones, M.D.
MLA President 1939/41

Mildred Jordan
MLA President 1959/60

Ann E. Kerker
MLA President 1976/77

Thomas E. Keys
MLA President 1957/58

Frederick G. Kilgour
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1984

David A. Kronick, Ph.D.
Janet Doe Lecturer 1980

Gertrude Lamb, Ph.D.
MLA President 1980/81
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1988

Mildred C. Langner
MLA President 1966/67
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1976

Sanford V. Larkey, M.D.
MLA President 1949/50

Joseph Leiter, Ph.D.
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1989

Robert T. Lentz
MLA President 1960/61

Nancy M. Lorenzi, Ph.D.
MLA President 1982/83

Erika Love
MLA President 197879
Janet Doe Lecturer 1987
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1994

Richard A. Lyders
MLA President 1991/92

Lucretia W. McClure
MLA President 1990/91
Janet Doe Lecturer 1985
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1996

Lt. Col. C.C. McCulloch, Jr.
MLA President 1914/16

W.B. McDaniel, II, Ph.D.
MLA President 1946/47

Archibald Malloch, M.D.
MLA President 1927/30

Mary Louise Marshall
MLA President 1941/46

Nina W. Matheson
MLA President 1983/84
Janet Doe Lecturer 1994
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1993

Judith Messerle
MLA President 1986/87

Erich Meyerhoff
Janet Doe Lecturer 1977
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1997

Jean K. Miller
MLA President 1985/86

Phyllis S. Mirsky
MLA President 1984/85

Elliott H. Morse
MLA President 1969/70

J.H. Musser, M.D.
MLA President 1908/12

Marcia C. Noyes
MLA President 1933/34

Gerald J. Oppenheimer
Janet Doe Lecturer 1988

William Osler, M.D.
MLA President 1901/04

Francis R. Packard, M.D.
MLA President 1913/14

Irwin H. Pizer
Janet Doe Lecturer 1984
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1991

Ursula H. Poland
Janet Doe Lecturer 1982
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1986

William D. Postell
MLA President 1952/53

L. Margueriete Prime
MLA President 1951/52

Alan M. Rees
Janet Doe Lecturer 1992

Frank Bradway Rogers, M.D.
MLA President 1962/63

Fred W. Roper, Ph.D.
MLA President 1994/95

John Ruhrah, M.D.
MLA President 1926/27

Charles W. Sargent, Ph.D.
MLA President 1981\82

Walter Steiner, M.D.
MLA President 1930/33

Lewis H. Taylor, M.D.
MLA President 1916/17

F.M. Tice, M.D.
MLA President 1925/26

Wilma Troxel
MLA President 1954/55

Donald Washburn, D.D.S.
MLA President 1970/71

Emilie V. Wiggins
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1978

J. C. Wilson, M.D.
MLA President 1912/13

C.F. Wylde, M.D.
MLA President 1922/25

Helen Yast
Marcia C. Noyes Award Winner 1980

Martha Jane Zachert, D.L.S.
Janet Doe Lecturer 1978