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AHIP Credentialing

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Instructions for Yearly Provisional Membership Renewal

Provisional Academy members must submit yearly documentation of at least 8 points of Sponsored Learning and 5 points of Individual Accomplishments (see Points Index) to keep their AHIP status. Please note:

  • There is no fee for annual Provisional renewals.
  • You will receive notification of your renewal before the due date for this documentation, but please also mark your calendar.
  • Your Provisional Membership lasts a maximum of five years. 
  • All points accumulated as a Provisional member can count toward membership at a higher level.

Steps for submitting your Provisional Membership Annual Renewal Application

  1. Complete the Provisional-Renew form, which your Academy mentor will need to sign. 
  2. Submit documentation for all points claimed. If there is missing documentation, your renewal will be placed on hold until all documents are submitted.
  3. If you were unemployed when you became a provisional member, you are required to show evidence of employment in the field (a letter from the director of the library where you work, the administrator to whom you report, or your personnel department or a copy of your contract letter). Please include this as part of your application renewal materials for your first annual renewal application.
  4. When you are ready to submit your renewal online, please contact the AHIP Program Coordinator for the Provisional level renewal link.

Once you apply for renewal online, you will receive an immediate email confirmation of your renewal submission and will learn the status of your renewal within 10 weeks.

Again, your Provisional Membership lasts a maximum of five years. It's a good idea to prepare now for your next level of membership. See these useful Tips on preparing for your next level of membership.

Thank you in advance for renewing your Academy membership!