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Libraries in Health Sciences Curriculums Caucus

Members: 377     Discussions: 405     

The Libraries in Health Sciences Curriculums Caucus focuses on library instruction in support of health sciences curriculum. Instruction is defined broadly to include medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, public health, physiology and other health profession schools. It includes problem-based learning, orientations, classes and courses taught by librarians, whether integrated into the curriculum or not. The caucus provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences related to library instruction and facilitates communication and collaboration between instruction librarians.

Libraries in Health Sciences Curriculums Leaders 

Laura Menard
Indiana University
Chair; Community Council Alternate
Laura Zeigen, AHIP
Oregon Health & Science University
Bradley A. Long, AHIP
Penn State College of Medicine
Immediate Past-Chair; Community Council Representative
Dawn Hackman, AHIP
University of Minnesota
Delegate, Information Services Domain Hub
Jenny Pierce
Temple University
Delegate, Education Domain Hub