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Asian Diaspora Coalition of Medical Librarians Caucus

Members: 61     Discussions: 196     Files: 1


This caucus centers the needs and issues of those MLA members who identify as Asian (East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, West Asian (Middle Eastern), Central Asian, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and includes all those who identify as adoptees, mixed race, and/or mixed ethnicity). Through leadership efforts, the caucus strives to acknowledge and address issues related to or affecting these communities. The Asian Diaspora Coalition of Medical Librarians (ADCML) will promote a culture of diversity and inclusion with a focus on community building for personal and professional growth opportunities.


As a caucus we strive to offer a welcoming, inclusive, and safe space to exchange ideas and experiences. The ADCML will focus on diversifying the profession of health sciences librarianship by advocating for inclusion, increasing representation, and establishing partnerships through caucus collaborations. Through this caucus, we hope for member visibility and invitations to the decision-making table within the association and the profession of librarianship. The caucus is meant to be a space for members who are seeking community and representation in leadership. ADCML will support and promote mentorship, community building, and professional development. In addition, the caucus seeks to address health and societal issues affecting our communities through advocacy and outreach efforts.  


  1. Member visibility
  2. Decision-Making
  3. Outreach



Asian Diaspora Coalition of Medical Librarians Caucus Leaders 

Seema Bhakta, AHIP
Chair; Community Council Representative
Sharon Han, AHIP
University of Iowa
Delegate, Global Health & Health Equity Domain Hub
Nisha Mody
Delegate, Professionalism & Leadership Domain Hub
Lisa Liang Philpotts
Massachusetts General Hospital
Delegate, Clinical Support Domain Hub