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Chapter Council

Chapter Council Presents Sharing Roundtables


Facilitator Instructions [PDF] [Word]


Seattle, WA| May 28,2017

* Indicates a new topic.

Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries*: Discussion regarding diversity and inclusion plans in health sciences libraries, diverse collections, outreach to diverse populations or diversity and inclusion in recruitment into the health sciences librarian field.

Consumer Health: Share your thoughts on consumer-driven information resources and services for patients, caregivers, partners, and family members.

Data Curation: Data curation is management of research data through its life cycle to enable data discovery and retrieval, add value, and enable reuse of data.  Discuss possible ways that libraries can be involved in this new and exciting area of research. 

Embedded Librarians: Are you currently acting as an embedded librarian in a research or clinical setting? Share your ideas and experiences.

Librarian Involvement in Interprofessional Education and Collaboration*: Accreditation standards are requiring that health sciences schools integrate interprofessional education into the curriculum. Are you involved in interprofessional education in your setting?  Discuss how the library may get involved in this area. 

Integrating Library Resources in the Electronic Medical Record: With the rise of informatics and the interplay between technology and knowledge growing, there is room for the medical librarian to have a hand in the development of the electronic health record.

Integrating You and the Library into the Curriculum: Share your ideas and experiences with integrating you or the library into the curriculum at your institution.

Makerspaces*:  Discussion of how health sciences libraries might enter into the world of makerspaces and 3D printing.

Issues in Hospital Librarianship: Discuss the issues facing hospital libraries and librarians and share strategies and ideas for resolving these issues.

Library Redesign: Currently involved in a library renovation or thinking about one? Discuss possible ideas related to renovation or share your experiences with others regarding a renovation already completed.

Literature Searches to Support Systematic Reviews: Discuss issues encountered when conducting a comprehensive search for a systematic review (database limitations, locating grey literature, documenting your search strategy, negotiating authorship on the publication, etc.).

Online Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID): Unique identifiers and initiatives for name disambiguation such as ORCID help researchers link their research activities to the right person.  Come to discuss ways that librarians can help researchers.

Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine to Students and Faculty: Share your experiences with teaching faculty, students and residents about searching for the current best evidence to care for patients.

Past Roundtable Topics