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Leading and Running an MLA Special Interest Group

MLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups of members who coalesce around specialized or topical themes of concern. SIGs provide a forum for members to identify and meet with others with similar interests without having to fulfill the governance requirements of Sections.

The SIG Convener community provides a forum for SIG leaders to discuss important issues and share resources. 

If you are interested in starting a new SIG, please see the guidelines for establishing special interest groups.

See a current list of special interest groups and their websites. Complete lists of SIG officers are available in SIG communities. If you need a SIG member roster, visit the community page for the SIG or contact the convener.

SIG Procedures and Policies

The Special Interest Group Manual provides current and potential SIG conveners with everything they need to know about SIGs, including information on SIG formation, compliance, required reports, and more.

The Section/SIG Program Planners’ Manual provides all the details of planning programs for the Annual Meeting.

Additional helpful information for SIG conveners is available from Section Council.