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Dental Caucus 

Members: 88     Discussions: 1345     Files: 12 

The Dental Caucus provides activities and programs that promote, advance, and facilitate communication among persons with interests in dental medicine and oral biology and contributes to the management of dental collections. Anyone interested in the field is welcome to join us. 

Member Benefits

Dental Caucus members have access to the caucus forum, member directory, a list of dental libraries, and resources on dental collections. 

The first step to becoming a member of the Dental Caucus is to join the Medical Library Association.

Membership in the Dental Caucus is a good way to become more involved in MLA. Since we are a small caucus it is easy to get to know other members, and opportunities to participate in the work of the caucus come quite quickly. 

If you would like to know more about the caucus, or if you are already a member who would like to take a more active role, please contact one of current officers.

Public Resources

  • Dental Competencies and Information Literacy Concepts Rubric
    This rubric is the result of aligning Canadian and American information-related dental competencies, then identifying the most relevant frames from the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for each aligned competency. The rubric also includes relevant EBD steps for each competency. Finally, sample learning objectives for each aligned competency, informed by the relevant frames, are included according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Authors : Nena Schvaneveldt, Sean Stone, Erica R. Brody, Natalie Clairoux, Irene M. Lubker, Amanda M. Nevius, Lorraine Porcello and Jennifer S. Bissram.

  • Dental Data
    This resource seeks to provide links to important data sets and sources to inform precision dental/oral health research. Authors : Christopher Childs and Sarah Meyer.

  • Evidence-Based Dentistry Best Practices for Librarians
    This guide presents an introduction to EBD, examples of the librarian's role in teaching and supporting EBD, as well as a list of relevant resources. Authors : Amanda Nevius and Rena Lubker, with significant contributions by Elisa Cortez, Lorraine Porcello, Nicole Theis-Mahon, Susan Swogger, and Maria Zych.

  • Resources Lists
    Every three or four years, Dental Caucus members recommend book titles for a core resource dental collection to support the information and research needs of the oral health care provider (student and practitioner). The following were last revised in 2017.

Dental Caucus Leaders

Amanda Nevius
Tufts University
Chair; Community Council Alternate;
Erica Brody
Chair-Elect; Programming Committee Chair
Nicole Theis-Mahon, AHIP
University of Minnesota
Immediate Past Chair, Community Council Representative; Membership Chair
Alissa Fial
Marquette University
Natalie Clairoux
Université de Montréal
Community Manager
Sarah Meyer
University of Florida
Delegate, Information Management Domain Hub
Ruby L. Nugent
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Delegate, Global Health & Health Equity Domain Hub
Nena Schvaneveldt, AHIP
University of Utah
Delegate, Education Domain Hub
Elizabeth Stellrecht
SUNY at Buffalo, Health Sciences Library
Delegate, Information Services Domain Hub