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Professional Development

Mentor Tips

  1. Keep communications open.

    Contact mentee as soon as you receive their name. Let the mentee know what is expected. If you will be unavailable because of business or personal travel, notify the member. Be practical when sending out messages and reply promptly to messages sent to you.

  2. Be supportive.

    Establish realistic goals, suggest courses, encourage conference participation, and help create a solid career plan.

  3. Define expectations.

    Go over academy admission. Be sure the Provisional member knows what’s expected for each level of membership.

  4. Be available.

    At conferences and classes, be available to talk with the mentee, answer questions, and provide advice.

  5. Be prepared to offer honest feedback.

    Be truthful in your evaluations but also be tactful.

  6. Be an active participant.

    Engage in your own learning while you are mentoring, collaborate on projects, ask questions, and experiment.

  7. Be innovative and creative.

    Share your ideas, give advice, and be a resource for new ideas.

  8. Be aware of cultural diversity.

    Remember that people come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Get to know each mentee individually.

  9. Be reliable and consistent.

    The more consistent you are, the more you will be trusted. Your mentee will rely on you for help.

  10. Be positive.

    Recognize the work the mentee has done and the progress they have made. Emphasize areas where the thinking has been clear, complete, and creative. Encourage him/her to move forward in these areas.