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AHIP Credentialing

Volunteer to Mentor Provisional Academy Members

To help newer information professionals with their careers, the Academy of Health Information Professionals matches each Provisional Member with an academy mentor. The mentor provides expertise in selecting continuing education opportunities and professional activities. 

Mentoring a Provisional Member is a rewarding way to contribute to the information field by fostering newer professionals. Take time to review this page to determine if being an academy mentor is right for you.

Mentor Requirements

Academy mentors must be:

  • enthusiastic members of the academy at the Member level or above
  • MLA members
  • able to fulfill the responsibilities listed below

Sign Up Online to Become a Mentor!

If you meet the above requirements, sign up to express your interest in serving as a provisional mentor by updating your MLA individual profile:

  • Visit and log in with your member information
  • Go to "My MLANET," then select "My Contact and Expertise Information" to review or update your mentor information.

Mentor Agreement

Complete the mentor agreement to receive academy points (one point per mentee, and up to five points per five-year academy membership period).

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Review portfolio immediately upon receipt.
  2. Examine the provisional member’s education and experience background and the goals established (Form SELF-ASSESSMENT). Identify areas in which sponsored instruction may be appropriate. Resources are listed below:
  3. Identify areas in which professional activities may be appropriate. Five points of professional accomplishments will be required for the Provisional Level of the academy. Resources are listed below:
    • MLA national committees and special interest groups
    • MLA chapter committees
    • National, international, and chapters/sections other than MLA
    • regional or state organizations
  4. Things to remember
    • Provisional members are required to have 5 points of professional accomplishments each year following the first year of academy membership.
    • A provisional member can take MLA CE courses and other approved sponsored instruction, 
    • Provisional members may take a course at a community college/university. They may also take non-MLA-approved courses, but must use Form IPR to document the activity.
  5. Contact the provisional member within two weeks of receiving the portfolio via email from MLA headquarters.
    • Discuss the requirements for renewal at the provisional level:
      • completion of 8 hours of continuing education per 12-month period
      • five points of professional activity
      • contact with the mentor at least annually (in person, by phone, or by email)
  6. Remind the member that when five years of full-time professional work experience has been reached, the member must upgrade to member or senior level to remain in the academy.
    • Encourage regular review of academy membership levels.
    • Encourage regular review of the current Point Index so the member is aware of the types of activities that are awarded points and the documentation required.
    • Encourage good practices to prepare for the upgrade. The member can use the member documents area to save:
      • a copy of provisional application
      • a copy of each yearly renewal
      • documentation for all continuing education and professional accomplishments
    • Remind provisional mentee to apply for member or senior level after 5 years of professional experience has been reached.
      • The provisional member may use the activities and continuing education they have submitted with their annual provisional renewals.
      • The provisional member must pay the full academy membership fee with upgrade.
      • The provisional member must submit forms BIOAHIP POINTS TALLY (with all supporting documentation), and COMPETENCIES (if necessary)
  7. Annually sign the provisional member's renewal form (Form Provisional-Renew).
    • Sign the form and forward it to the provisional member within three working days.
    • If you have not been in contact with the provisional member during the year, please make contact as soon as possible.

Provisional Member's Responsibilities

  • Annual contact with mentor (in person or by phone or email)
  • Seek out continuing education opportunities that fulfill the annual eight-hour CE requirement
  • Seek out individual accomplishment activities that fulfill the annual five points of professional activity and to prepare for applying at the member or senior member level.

Mentor Rewards

In addition to the satisfaction of mentoring a new professional, academy mentors receive one academy point per year per mentee. These points count toward the five-point MLA activity requirement for the distinguished membership level.