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AHIP Credentialing

Find a Chapter Credentialing Liaison 

MLA chapter credentialing liaisons (CCLs) promote the Academy of Health Information Professionals in their respective chapters by sharing information about the academy, answering questions, providing guidance, and encouraging membership. 

MLA Chapter Credentialing Liaisons

Hawaii-Pacific Chapter/Term (6/19–5/22) Luree H. Ohigashi Oasay, AHIP
Medical Library Group of So. California and Arizona/ Term (6/17-7/21) Danielle Linden, AHIP
Mid-Atlantic Chapter/Term (9/18–10/21) Allison Matthews, AHIP
Midcontinental Chapter/Term (1/20-) Shawn Steidinger, AHIP
Midwest Chapter/Term (1/18–12/21) Nancy Allee, AHIP
New York-New Jersey Chapter/Term (05/18–10/21) Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, AHIP
North Atlantic Health Sciences Library Chapter/Term (4/19–10/21) Jessica Kilham, AHIP
Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group/Term (1/19–12/21) Anne Shew, AHIP
Pacific Northwest Chapter/Term (5/20–1/22) Mary Beth McAteer, AHIP
Philadelphia Regional Chapter Abby Adamczyk, AHIP
South Central Chapter/Term (10/20-10/21) Sheila Henderson, AHIP
Southern Chapter/Term (10/17–10/21) Terry Kit Selfe, AHIP
Upstate New York and Ontario Chapter/Term (10/17–10/22) Elizabeth Irish, AHIP