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AHIP Credentialing

How to Renew Your Academy of Health Information Professionals Membership

Below are guidelines and instructions for renewing your academy membership for all levels.

Please note: You may renew at a higher level if the professional experience and accomplishments for that level are met. In this case, please follow the directions for an initial application. This includes those who wish to move from Provisional membership to a higher level.

For Member, Senior, and Distinguished Levels:


  • Membership lasts for five years and must be renewed before the end of the fifth year.
  • Applicant should be employed in the information field for the five years prior to their renewal. If the applicant has experienced a job loss or change in career and wishes to retain academy membership, please refer to the AHIP Special Circumstances.
  • You must complete a minimum of fifty (50) points of continuing education and individual accomplishments. See Point Index.
  • Members renewing at the same level are not required to attach MLA continuing education (CE) and other point documentation, except for courses that have not been pre-approved for credit by MLA.
  • Members renewing at the Senior level must have at least 5 individual accomplishment points from professional organization activities, not necessarily MLA.
  • Members renewing at the Distinguished level must have at least 10 individual accomplishment points from professional organization activitiesand at least 5 of those points must be from MLA activities.
  • Lapsed memberships: if you would like to renew an AHIP membership that has lapsed for an extended period of time, you may need to recertity and submit a new application along with supporting documentation. Contact Tomi Gunn at MLA headquarters for clarification.


  1. Complete the AHIP Points Tally form to record the points you have earned. Check the total number of points to determine whether you have the required number and distribution of points. In addition to the overall points, make sure any requirements for professional association activities and MLA activities have been filled.
  2. Submit an Individual Participant Request (IPR) form for all non-MLA approved CE along with the application.
  3. After completing the tally sheet, save in an electronic format (e.g., PDF).
  4. Pay the appropriate nonrefundable application fee in US dollars. For credit card payments, go to your academy level below to add to your cart and complete check out in the Online Store. To ensure member rates, please log in before adding to your cart.

To pay by check, address to MLA (please note that payment is for AHIP) then mail to: 

Medical Library Association
Department 4627
Carol Stream, IL 60122-4627

After payment is made, you will receive an email confirmation of payment along with a link to the online application.

  1. Submit your application and at the bottom of the application, you will see the opportunity to upload your document(s). 
  2. Upon review, which should take no more than eight weeks, you will receive your confirmation letter and certificate.

Renewal Information For Provisional Members


  • Provisional members must renew each year until they move up to the Member or higher level. 
  • All renewing provisional membership applications are required to include 8 continuing education points and in addition, at least 5 points of professional individual accomplishments per year. The last requirement will allow members the opportunity to become more involved with MLA, MLA sections, SIGs, and chapters, and local medical library groups. These accomplishments then can be used towards the application for membership when the provisional member moves on to higher Academy levels.
  • There is no fee to renew your Provisional Academy membership.


  1. Complete the Provisional-Renew form (your academy mentor will need to sign this)
  2. Complete any IPR forms (for any courses not previously approved by MLA)
  3. Gather supporting documentation for CE and individual accomplishments.
  4. Contact Tomi Gunn, at MLA headquarters for the link to the online application. You will upload the documents listed above after completing the online application.

Renewal Information for Retired Librarians/Emeritus Level

Retired librarians with ten consecutive years of academy membership (at any level except Provisional) prior to retirement may continue membership by requesting emeritus status.

Guidelines and Instructions

  • There is no fee to apply at this level.
  • Complete and submit the Emeritus form to Tomi Gunn at  MLA headquarters

Hardship Cases

Candidates for renewal who desire an extension because of extenuating circumstances must make the request via email describing the circumstances. The email must be sent to Tomi Gunn at MLA headquarters.