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EBSCO/MLA Annual Conference Grant

EBSCO Information Services generously donated to the MLA Scholarship Endowment Fund to provide stipends to enables MLA members to attend the association's annual conference. Each year MLA awards up to four travel grants to members who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.


  • The applicant must:
    • be a member of MLA. (see membership options)
      • Membership must be current and dues paid in order to accept this conference grant (no exceptions).
    • be currently employed as a health information professional.
    • have between two and five years of experience as a health sciences librarian at the time of the annual conference.
    • complete an application, including a 200-word statement answering the question listed below.
  • No more than one awardee from any given institution will be awarded the grant in a single year.

Priority Consideration Criteria:

  • The applicant is a first-time attendee at the MLA annual conference (in-person).
  • The applicant is presenting (or has submitted) a paper, poster, or lightning talk for MLA’s annual conference.


  • The grant recipient will be reimbursed up to $1,000 for actual travel and conference-related expenses.
    • Expense statements with all receipts must be submitted to MLA after the annual conference. 
  • Up to four awards may be made each year for the EBSCO/MLA Annual Conference Grant.
  • All proposed expenses must clearly align with the intention of the grant and will be evaluated for relevance.
  • Funding may be used for reasonable and actual expenses that meet MLA guidelines:
    • Physical travel within North America, or international travel when specifically allowed (e.g., mileage, travel fares, lodging)
    • Direct costs related to profession development or conference attendance (e.g., registration fees, books)
    • Costs to enable the awardee to travel (may allow for compensation for reasonable expenses, e.g., family caregiving)
    • The funds may not be used for institutional overhead, other indirect costs, or income tax payments.
  • If no candidates are determined eligible, no grants will be awarded.
  • Letters of reference are NOT requested or desired.
  • The travel grant must be used in the year it is awarded and cannot be carried over to another year. 

NOTE: In the case of a virtual-only conference, terms may be altered.

Submission Checklist

  • Completed online application
  • A 200-word statement answering the following questions:
    • What do you expect to gain professionally and/or personally by attending the MLA annual conference?
  • Updated MLA member profile

Ready to Submit an Application?

  • The grant application process is closed.
  • Recipients and non-recipients with be notified with results in mid-March 2024.
  • Applications will open next in December 2024.

Past Recipients

  • 2023: Lisa L. Habegger, Kearin Reid, Sally Smith, and Alessia Zanin-Yost, AHIP
  • 2022: Kelsa Bartley, Becca Billings, Valerie Lookingbill, and Tenley Sablatzky
  • 2021: no travel due to COVID pandemic
  • 2020: Names not released*
  • 2019: Daina Dickman, AHIP; Shanda Hunt; Liz Kellermeyer; and Tariq Rahaman
  • 2018: Sarah Clarke, AHIP; Kelsey Leonard Grabeel, AHIP; Alice Jean Jaggers; and Jessica Koos, AHIP
  • 2017: Toluwase Victor Asubiaro; Jill Barr-Walker; Annie Cloud Nickum, AHIP; and Jahala Simuel
  • 2016: Nicole Capdarest-Arest; Elizabeth G. Hinton, AHIP; Karin Saric; and Peace Ossom Williamson 
  • 2015: Krystal Buller, Suhua Caroline Fan, Erin Menzies, and Michelle P. Rachal
  • 2014: Jennifer Deal, Vanessa Kitchin, Carolann Lee Curry, Heather Martin, and Amy Studer
  • 2013: Dawn Hackman, Hannah Rutledge, Chabha Tepe, and Leah C. Osterhaus Trzasko
  • 2012: Aleta Embrey, Aleshia Heckel, Alisha Miles, and Jennifer Walker
  • 2011: Trish Chatterley, Anna Katherine Crawford, Lara Handler, and Ryan Rafferty
  • 2010: Rienne Johnson, Elizabeth Kiscaden, Susan Warthman, and Andrea Wright
  • 2009: Jamie L. Furrh, Andrea Harrow, Trey Lemley, and Heidi Schroeder
  • 2008: Mary Lou Glazer, Laura Haines, Meredith Orlowski, and Jason Young
  • 2007: Agnes Chikonzo, Ladonna Guillot, Maureen Knapp, and Lauren Young
  • 2006: Karen Goodell, Lilian Hoffecker, Xiaoli Li, and Dana Wyles
  • 2005: Kelly Klinke, Molly Montgomery, Carolyn Papa, and Paul Whannell
  • 2004: Jon Crossno, Anne Heimann, Misa Mi, and Lin Wu
  • 2003: Marceline Doranksi, Elizabeth Hill, Hanna Kwasik, and Karen Lippert
  • 2002: Sandra De Groote, Candice Benjes-Small, Verma Walker, and Norma Walters
  • 2001: Mary Shultz and Everly Brown
  • 2000: Anne M. Conner and Deborah Hile
  • 1999: Shirley Brooke
  • 1998: Jennifer G. Barlow and Andrea Batson
  • 1997: Lily W. Liu and Lori Cusimano Steib
  • 1996: Carol Swank and Kathryn Chmiel
  • 1995: Kara Logsden and Cheryl Warren
  • 1994: Kenneth Nelson and Bette Sydelko

* 2020 conference grants were re-formatted due the COVID pandemic and the shift to a virtual-only conference. Given the hardship nature of the reformatted grants, recipient names are not shared. 

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