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Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award

Presented annually by the Medical Library Association (MLA), the Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award recognizes the outstanding contributions in the use of technology to deliver health sciences information, in the science of information, or in facilitating the delivery of health sciences information. In 1983 the award was first presented to Frank Bradway Rogers, MD, for whom it was subsequently renamed. Originally the award was sponsored by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), later by Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science, and briefly by Clarivate Analytics, a division of Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia.


  • It is required that an individual nominee be a member of MLA, or if a small group is nominated for a combined effort, that at least one member of the group must be a member of MLA.
  • Nominations should be for innovative contributions to improved information handling and use. Preference will be given to pioneering efforts (i.e., new theories or applications).


  • The online nomination must be completed and all supporting documents uploaded no later than November 1.
  • Nominations must contain at least the following elements:
    • A precise description of the theoretical work or application of technology for which the nomination is being made and concrete evidence that the nominee’s application of technology or theoretical work contributes to the science or knowledge of health sciences information transfer and delivery; and that application of the technology results in improved health sciences information transfer or delivery or facilitates the delivery of health sciences information;
    • A current curriculum vitae or resume for the individual nominee or primary group contact; and
    • Any further information which may assist the jury in the evaluation of the nomination and the selection of the recipient.
  • Late and incomplete nominations will not be considered.

The recipient will be notified in March before the annual conference at which the presentation will be made. The recipient receives a certificate at the association’s annual conference and a cash award of $500 after the annual conference. The recipient assumes all costs of attending the conference and the ceremony at which the presentation is made. If there are no appropriate candidates, the association may elect not to make the award in a given year.

Ready to Submit a Nomination?

  • The nomination process is closed. 
  • Nominations will open next in August 2022.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2021: none awarded
  • 2020: Gail Kouame
  • 2019: none awarded
  • 2018: Michael R. Kronenfeld, AHIP, FMLA
  • 2017: University of Washington Health Sciences Library
  • 2016: none awarded
  • 2015: none awarded
  • 2014: MedlinePlus Connect, the National Library of Medicine
  • 2013: Plain Language Medical Dictionary Development Team, Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
  • 2012: none awarded
  • 2011: Lei Wang
  • 2010: none awarded
  • 2009: (DelMIRA), Robert T. Mackes
  • 2008: Digital Divide, Rural American Indian Communities, NM
  • 2007: Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
  • 2006: New York Online Access to Health (NOAH)
  • 2005: Arizona Health Information Network (AZHIN)
  • 2004: MedlinePlus: Joyce Backus, Paula Kitendaugh, Lori Klein, Eve-Marie Lacroix, Wei Ma, Jennifer. Marill, and Naomi Miller
  • 2003: Electronic Fund Transfer System: Ralph Arcari and Edward R. Donnald
  • 2002: none awarded
  • 2001: Kathryn E. Kerdolff
  • 2000: Prospero Electronic Delivery System: Eric N. Hamrick, Ruey L. Rodman, Eric H. Schnell, Judy T. Willis
  • 1999: BioSites, Beryl Glitz, Anne Swedenberg Prussing, Brian Warling, Melissa Just, Mary Buttner, Greg Williamson
  • 1998: HealthWeb, Julia Kelly, Elaine Russo Martin, Ellen Nagle, Patricia Redman, and James Shedlock
  • 1997: Roger Guard
  • 1996: Julie McGowan
  • 1995: Rosalind F. Dudden
  • 1994: Nancy E. Start
  • 1993: Jay Daly
  • 1992: Jocelyn A. Ranki and Jean Williams Sayre
  • 1991: Jack G. Goellner, Charles Goldstein, Richard E. Lucier, and Victor A. McKusick
  • 1990: John E. Anderson, Davis B. McCarn, and Rose Marie Woodsmall
  • 1989: Howard L. Bleich
  • 1988: Charles M. Goldstein
  • 1987: Irwin H. Pizer
  • 1986: Naomi C. Broering
  • 1985: Estelle Brodman, Claire Gadzikowski, Barbara Halbrook, Simon Igielnik, Millard F. Johnson, and Richard B. Pride
  • 1984: Louise Darling
  • 1983: Frank Bradway Rogers

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