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John P. McGovern Award Lectureship

This lectureship was established in 1983 in honor of John P. McGovern, MD, noted physician, educator, author, and medical historian. The lectures are to be significant national or international figures who may speak on a topic of importance to health sciences librarianship at the association's annual meeting.  

Past Award Recipients

See MLA Annual Meetings for access to past McGovern Lecture videos and slides.   

  • 2023: Terri Givens: "Radical Empathy: Finding a Path to Bridging Racial Divides"
  • 2022: Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP "What the Eyes Don't See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City."
  • 2021: Damon Tweedy, MD: "Black Man in a White Coat"
  • 2020: Esther Choo, MD: "How Healthcare Inequities Have Been Exacerbated By COVID-19"
  • 2019: Vineet Arora, Margaret Danilovich, Allison Lale, Janice M. Phillips: "Discovering New Pathways to Information: What Today’s Users Tell Us"
  • 2018: William Powers: “Reviving the Human: Libraries in the Age of AI”
  • 2017: Julie Angus: “Rowing Across the Atlantic: Strategies to Reach Your Goals”
  • 2016: Ben Goldacre
  • 2015: Mae Jemison
  • 2014: Aaron E. Carroll, MD: "The Affordable Care Act: Health Care Reform Is Far From Over"
  • 2013: Richard Besser: "Life on Two Sides of the Camera: The Role of Media in Shaping Health"
  • 2012: Steven Johnson
  • 2011: Clay Shirky: "Technology/Media: The Future, Innovation, Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Ethics, and Culture"
  • 2010: Daniel H. Pink: "A Whole New Mind"
  • 2009: Adam Bosworth: "Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century"
  • 2008: Andrew Zolli
  • 2007: Arthur Caplan: "Peer Review in Science and Medicine: Does It or Can It Work?"
  • 2006: Atul Gawande, MD
  • 2005: John J. Nance: "New Ways of Looking at the Many Challenges of Working Together"
  • 2004: Harm J. de Blij: "Geographic Illiteracy and National Security"
  • 2003: Lawrence Lessig, JD: "Protecting a Creative Commons for Knowledge"
  • 2002: Seaborn Beck Weathers, MD: "Surviving Everest: Against All Odds"
  • 2001: Dixie B. Baker, PhD: "Patient Empowerment versus Patient Endangerment: The Delicate Balance Between Privacy and Access"
  • 2000: Tom Ferguson, MD: "Digital Doctoring: Health Online and the Empowered Medical Consumer"
  • 1999: Daniel Burrus: "Future View: Toast of the Town or Just Plain Toast?"
  • 1998: Laurie Garrett and Kenneth M. Ludmerer, MD: "Perspectives on Medicine and Microbes"
  • 1997: Kenneth I. Shine, MD: "The Wealth of Nations: Knowledge as a National Resource"
  • 1996: Michael P. D'Alessandro, MD, and Jeffrey R. Galvin, MD: "The Virtual Hospital: The Library, the Computer, and the Apprentice"
  • 1995: Jennifer James, Ph.D "The Human Face of Technological Change"
  • 1994: June E. Osborn, MD: "AIDS, Education, and Public Policy"
  • 1993: Patricia Aburdene: "Information Trends"
  • 1992: Warren Bennis, PhD: "Leadership: Choose to Make a Difference"
  • 1991: George D. Lundberg II, MD, and Stephen P. Lock, MD: "The Future of Biomedical Information"
  • 1990: Nicholas Negroponte: "Inventing the Future"
  • 1988: Robert Wedgeworth: "Access to Intellectual Property: The Foundation of Biomedical Communication Systems for the 21st Century"
  • 1987: Fred Friendly: "Hard Choices: Health Decisions, Health Policies, and the Public"
  • 1986: Sherry Turkle, PhD: "Computers and the Human Spirit"
  • 1985: Arnold S. Relman, MD: "New Technology and Old Values: The Ethics of Medical Publishing"
  • 1984: Frank Bradway Rogers, MD: "Down on the Farm"
  • 1983: Lois DeBakey, PhD: "Such Labour'd Nothings, in So Strange a Style"

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