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    Professional Development

    Systematic Review Services Specialization Recipients

    Recipients of the specialization have completed training and acquired additional expertise in the area of systematic review services.

    Level of achievement and the years valid are indicated in parentheses for the MLA Systematic Review Services Specialization (SRSS). I = Level I SRSS designation.

    For more information, questions, or corrections, please contact the MLA Professional Development department.


    • Bashaw, Dennis (I, 11/22–10/25)
    • Brigham, Tara (I, 12/22–11/25)
    • Bradley, Jannette (I, 11/22–10/25)
    • Chelf, Cynthia (I, 1/23–12/25)
    • Hassett, Leslie (I, 11/22–10/25)
    • Houck, Amy (I, 1/23–12/25)
    • Lipke, Laura (I, 1/23–12/25)
    • McCarroll, Juli (I, 11/22–10/25)
    • Perez, Jorge (I, 12/22–11/25)
    • Tepper, Katharine (I, 11/22–10/25)