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MLA | SLA '23

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MLA | SLA '23 Organizing Committees

Association annual conferences are indebted to the volunteers who organize, plan, and select content for each conference. For 2023, multiple conference committees will combine their efforts for this second hybrid conference, offering both a virtual and in-person full experience for attendees. Not all groups are appointed, so watch here for further updates!

2023 National Program Committee2023 Local Assistance Committee2023 Special Program Committee: Collection Development & Resource Sharing | 2023 Special Program Committee: Leadership

2023 National Program Committee

National Program Committee (NPC) members set the course for the largest gathering of medical librarians and health information professionals in the world. The NPC selects the meeting theme, logo, general schedule, and keynote speakers for the McGovern Lecture and issues the call for submissions for papers, lightning talks, and posters. NPC members also liaise with MLA Domain Hubs to ensure content across all professional practice areas.

Kate Flewelling, AHIP
Boston University
Ryan Harris, AHIP
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
LaVentra E. Danquah, AHIP
Wayne State University
LAC Chair
Nabi Hasan, PhD, PDF, FNEB, FSLA
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
SLA Program Committee Liaison
Andrew Shimp
Yale University
SLA Program Committee Liaison
Roxanne Bogucka
University of Texas at Austin
Frances Chu
Providence Health & Services
Rian Debner, AHIP
University of Western States
Carolyn Ching Dennison, AHIP
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Library
Steven Douglas
University of Maryland
Martha Earl, AHIP
University of Tennessee
Gregory Laynor
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Emily S Mazure, AHIP
Mountain Area Health Education Center
Terri Ottosen, AHIP
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Katie Prentice, AHIP
The TMC Library
Rose L Turner
University of Pittsburgh
Alessia Zanin-Yost, AHIP
Slippery Rock University
Shannon D Jones, AHIP, FMLA
Medical Univ. of South Carolina
Board Liaison
Kevin Baliozian
Medical Library Association
Executive Director
Debra Cavanaugh
Medical Library Association
Staff Liaison; Liaison to Contributed Content Working Group
Kate E. Corcoran
Medical Library Association
Staff Liaison
Hannah Jeon
Medical Library Association
Staff Liaison; Liaison to LAC
Maria Lopez
Medical Library Association
Staff Liaison
Jordan Burghardt
MCI USA for Special Libraries Association
SLA Staff Liaison
Monica Evans-Lombe
Special Libraries Association (SLA)
SLA Staff Liaison
Stuart Hales
Medical Library Association
SLA Staff Liasion

2023 Local Assistance Committee

Local Assistance Committee (LAC) members promote the meeting city, provide local support, gather volunteers, and welcome attendees. The LAC also serve as local experts for dining, tours, sightseeing, and hosts the hospitality information booth.

  • LaVentra E. Danquah, AHIP, Chair
  • Michelle B. Bass, AHIP
  • Beth Callahan
  • Mary Jo Durivage
  • Alexia D. Estabrook
  • LaTeesa James
  • JoAnn Krzeminski
  • Sandra Irene Martin, AHIP
  • Meghan McGowan
  • Steven J. Moore, AHIP
  • Ophelia T. Morey
  • Yolanda Reader
  • Merle Rosenzweig
  • Joel Scheuher
  • Stephanie Stebens
  • John E. Sterbenz, Jr.
  • David Stewart
  • Stephanie M. Swanberg, AHIP
  • Jill Turner
  • Serena Vaquilar
  • Gayle A. Williams, AHIP
  • Wendy Wu

2023 Special Program Committees

Special Program Committees (SPCs) may be appointed to support the organization of topical meetings (summits, symposia, or other) that require it.

Collection Development & Resource Sharing

  • Michael A. Wood, Chair
  • Amy Bleich
  • Steven Douglas, AHIP (NPC Liaison)
  • Tara Douglas-Williams, AHIP (MLA Board of Directors Representative)
  • Donna S. Gibson
  • Shannon Gordon
  • Jean Gudenas, AHIP
  • Stella Hillegass
  • Ramune K. Kubilius, AHIP (SLA Liaison)
  • J. Michael Lindsay, AHIP
  • Sarah McClung
  • Rob McKinney
  • Jen Ostrosky
  • Andrew Shimp (SLA Program Committee Liaison)
  • Andrea Spector


  • Mark Berendsen (MLA)
  • Ann Cullen (SLA)
  • Elizabeth Downey (SLA)
  • Kristi L. Holmes (MLA)
  • Janna C. Lawrence, AHIP, FMLA (MLA)
  • Leigh Milligan (SLA)
  • Chris Shaffer, AHIP (MLA)


Special thanks to all MLA and SLA volunteers who have given their time and energy to plan this conference!