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Activity Reports

MLA leaders are required to submit reports twice a year. This includes:

  • allied representatives
  • appointed officials
  • caucus chairs
  • chapter presidents/chairs
  • committee chairs
  • domain hub chairs
  • task force chairs

Note: Jury chairs do not submit annual and midyear reports. Juries report their work to either the Awards Committee or the Grants and Scholarships Committee. The committees reports to the Board on behalf of the juries. 


  • Due by October 16 
  • Executive summary
  • Submitted to the Board of Directors

ANNUAL REPORTS link to submission form

  • Due by April 3 
  • Full report (see content below)
  • Submitted to the Board of Directors
  • Posted on MLANET each June
  • Part of the association's permanent records archived at the National Library of Medicine.

Activity reports should relate to areas of strategic importance to an MLA unit, or to the MLA Strategic Plan

Reporting Guidelines 


In the spirit of reducing the administrative burden for MLA volunteers, midyear reports include a simple executive summary, with the option of providing a motion or additional report, if warranted.

  • Executive Summary – In 100 words or less (max. 6 bullet points), summarize the top achievements, activities or actions in the last six months. 
  • A motion may be attached.
  • For items that go beyond an executive summary, include a rationale as to why it requires immediate Board attention and send it to MLA Headquarters.
  • Share an update on DEI related activities.

ANNUAL REPORT CONTENT: Due April 3 - link to submission form 

  • Executive Summary – In 6 bullet points (100 words or less total), summarize the top achievements, activities or actions in the last 12 months. 
  • Strategic Plan - List the latest goals, strategies, and status of specific objectives. If possible, include dates, metrics, and schedules.
  • MLA Strategic Plan - List specific contributions to MLA strategic goals (if applicable).
  • Facts and Data - List key events held, items published, resources created, or other data.
  • DEIShare DEI related activities from the last 12 months.
  • Leadership Roster - Found in community home on MLANET.
  • People Update: (Not applicable to all groups)
    • Chapters: list election results, sub-committee appointments, recognition or other information related to individuals.
    • Caucuses: current leaders, sub-committee appointments, recognition or other information related to individuals.
    • Domain Hubs: current leaders, delegates and the caucuses they represent, liaisons.
    • Caucuses and Domain Hubs only: MLA staff will add election results to the annual report file library, after the election.
  • A motion may be attached.
  • EXAMPLE REPORT - follow this report style.
  • Late arriving information may be added as an addendum in June.

How to Submit a Report

  1. Collect the above content information in a simple document. 
  2. Paste the information to the submission form. 
  3. Share document (1) with group (committee, caucus, etc.).

Please Note:

  • Executive summary should provide succinct information.
  • Report information should be clear and concise.
  • Keep formatting very simple - online reporting does not allow for a complex format.
  • Reports are entered using a survey function and are not available for edits or viewing once submitted.
  • Reports from previous years may be found on MLANET in the Organization file library under Annual Reports. 


  • If a report needs to contain a motion, upload a completed MOTION FORM.
  • Send a copy of the motion to the Board liaison and/or MLA staff liaison.
  • Motions should include the following background information:
    • Name of MLA entity which is required to take action
    • Specific action to be taken
    • Costs, if any, which will be incurred and proposed sources of funding
    • Time frame for the action
    • Any documentation which will facilitate the Board's decision-making process (statement of circumstances prompting the motion and/or past MLA action on the issue)

Past reports are available in the association file library. 

Contact Maria Lopez if you have any questions.