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MLA '21 Meeting Logo and Artwork


Terms of Use

  • You may not change the content of the written text.
  • You may place the logo at an angle.
  • If you need to resize the image, please scale proportionately.
  • Use the color version of the meeting logo for slides, electronic, and web-based presentations.
  • For questions regarding the use of this logo or for alternative file formats, please send us an email.
  • Click here for the style sheet PDF.


Typeface: Acumin Pro


MAIN COLORS: BLACK: Hex: #000000; RGB 0, 0, 0; DARK BLUE: Hex: #1969FD; RGB: 25, 105, 253; MEDIUM BLUE: Hex: #3C9FFF, RGB: 60, 159, 255; LIGHT BLUE: Hex: #28BDFD; RGB 40, 189, 253


JPG: mla21-horizontal.jpg (99k)MLA21_Logo_vertical.jpg
JPG: mla21-vertical.jpg (71.9k)


Vector EPS: mla21-color-horizontal.eps
Vector EPS: mla21-color-vertical.eps

Black & White / For Use in Screen Printing/Etching

This black/white version of the logo works well for laser-printed materials, offset-printed one-color newsletters, photocopies and would also work well for screen printed or etched materials, fabric, ceramic, metal, and so on.

Black & white Vector EPS: mla21-screenprint-horizontal.eps
Black & white Vector EPS: mla21-screenprint-vertical.eps