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InSight Initiative Summit 5:
Detailed Program

User Behavior: A Collaborative Working Summit

MLA InSight 5 builds on the key outcome of Summit 3 and the work that small groups have done since then--namely, that librarians and information providers should build trust through collaborative work to improve their joint understanding of how users discover and access information resources. Participants from Summit 3 returned to Chicago in November for Summit 4, and now for Summit 5, to develop and report on projects that have been underway since September of 2019. These include:

  • Convening a series of meetings with an End User Advisory Board (EUAB) designed to elicit key insights about user experiences and needs;
  • Developing an enduring resource that synthesizes ideas from the EUAB and insights from the work of the small groups;
  • Developing an online forum to raise and discuss issues related to discovery and access concerns of users; and
  • Developing learning modules to educate librarians and publishers about critical aspects of user behavior.

Anticipated Outcomes

The aim of this summit is to contribute a body of tangible intellectual property that is widely available to librarians and information providers. It is hoped that this material will enable people working in many facets of the information industry to better serve users.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop and document qualitative and quantitative insights into information user needs, concerns, and frustrations;
  • Define the key features of learning modules designed to provide an understanding of information user needs;
  • Design a useful ongoing forum to discuss information user needs.

Program Schedule

Monday, March 16 Session Speakers/Panelists/Information
9–9:15 am CDT
7–7:15 am PDT
10‐10:15 am EDT
2–2:15 am GMT
Welcome MLA, Kevin Baliozian
Summit moderator, Dan Doody
MLA Task Force Liaison, Jerry Perry
9:15–9:35 am CDT
7:15–7:35 am PDT
10:15–10:35 am EDT
2:15–2:35 pm GMT
Small group status reports Co-chairs from each SG 1/1a and SG 3 to present a 6-minute update on the work of their group and objectives for the Summit.
SG 2 has 8 minutes to present their 3x3
9:35–9:45 am CDT
7:35–7:45 am PDT
10:35–10:45 am EDT
2:35–2:45 pm GMT
Orientation to Community of Practice website MLA, Kate Corcoran
Summit moderator, Tim Butzen
9:45–10 am CDT
7:45–8 am PDT
10:45–11 am EDT
2:45–3 pm GMT
10 am–12 noon CDT
8–10 am PDT
11 am–1 pm EDT
3–5 pm GMT
Small-group working session #1
(Use Zoom breakout rooms for each small group)
Agenda developed by co-chairs of each small group. SG chairs determine if ad hoc break is needed
12 noon–1 pm CDT
10–11 am PDT
1–2 pm EDT
5–6 pm GMT
1–2:45 pm CDT
11 am–12:45 pm PDT
2–3:45 pm EDT
6–7:45 pm GMT
Small group working session #2
(Use Zoom breakout rooms for each small group
Ad hoc stretch break called by facilitator for each group, exact timing depends on flow of discussion/work
2:45–3 pm CDT
12:45–1 pm PDT
3:45–4 pm EDT
7:45–8 pm GMT
Day wrap up; Day 2 anticipation Moderated by facilitator
Adjournment for the day on the hour


Tuesday, March 17 Session Speakers/Panelists/Information
9–9:45 am CDT
7–7:45 am PDT
10–10:45 am EDT
2–2:45 pm GMT
Small group intermingling, Round 1
(Use Zoom breakout rooms for each group
SGs 1 and 2 meet.
SGs 1a and 3 meet
9:45–10:30 am CDT
7:45–8:30 am PDT
10:45–11:30 am EDT
2:45–3:30 pm GMT
Small group intermingling, Round 2
(Use Zoom breakout rooms for each group
SGs 2 and 3 meet
SGs 1 and 1a meet and compare notes on what they learned
10:45–11:15 am CDT
8:45–9:15 am PDT
11:45 am–12:15 pm EDT
3:45–4:15 pm GMT
Small group reports 7 minutes each: Key takeaways from each group—what overlap and/or collaboration opportunities exist with other small groups?
11:15 am–12 noon CDT
9:15–10 am PDT
12:15–1 pm EDT
4:15–5  pm GMT
(Disengage from all-group Zoom meeting)
12 noon–1:15 pm CDT
10–11:15 am PDT
1–2:15 pm EDT
5–6:15  pm GMT
Small group working session #3
(Use Zoom breakout rooms for each small group)
1:15–2 pm CDT
11:15 am –12 noon PDT
2:15–3 pm EDT
6:15–7  pm GMT
Small group reports 15 minutes per group to report on status of its work
5-minute stretch break
2–3:15 pm CDT
12 noon–1:15 pm PDT
3–4:15 pm EDT
7–8:15  pm GMT
Facilitated discussion of future work What further work needs to happen?
How can MLA support?
What needs to be handed off to MLA staff and how do we hand it off?
Ideas about and schedule for next Summit?
3:15–3:30 pm CDT
1:15–1:30 pm PDT
4:15–4:30 EDT
8:15–8:30 pm GMT
Wrap-up and announcements MLA Task Force Liaison, Jerry Perry
MLA, Kevin Baliozian
Adjournment at the half hour

End User Advisory Panel (EUAB)

Jake ArmbrustJake Armbrust is a graduate of the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and University of Illinois School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He recently completed his medical training in Family Medicine at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois. His approach to family medicine is founded on compassion, open communication, and evidence-based medicine. Dr. Armbrust is very passionate about providing a comprehensive and team-based approach to primary care. He is currently working in a group practice in Summerlin, Nevada.


Patrick J. McDonnellPatrick McDonnell is a professor of Clinical Pharmacy at Temple University School of Pharmacy and specializes in the area of medication safety and drug-induced disease. In addition to his academic role, he serves on the editorial advisory board for the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, is a consultant and reviewer for publications for the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, and coordinates the Adverse Drug Reporting program for one of the hospitals in the Temple University Health Care System. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in biochemistry/medical technology from the University of Scranton, holds a doctorate of pharmacy from Temple University, and completed a residency in pharmacy practice at Temple University Hospital. Dr. McDonnell was named as a Fellow for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and was awarded the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching at Temple University. Dr. McDonnell is an author of numerous presentations and publications in the area of drug-induced disease and adverse drug events.


Janice Phillips

Janice M. Phillips is an experienced clinician, researcher, educator, and public policy advocate in the health care arena who completed service as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow, working in the office of Senator John D. Rockefeller IV. With specialties spanning oncology, public health, women’s health, health care disparities, and research administration, Dr. Phillips is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award from the University of Chicago Medical Center and Nursing Spectrum’s “Advancing and Leading the Profession Award.” Dr. Phillips is the author of more than eighty publications and four edited textbooks. She is the director of nursing research and health equity at Rush University Medical Center and an associate professor in the College of Nursing. Dr. Phillips holds a bachelor’s of science in nursing from North Park College, a master’s of science in community health from St. Xavier College, and a doctorate in nursing from the College of Nursing, University of Illinois. She is a member of numerous professional organizations.


Carol Scott-ConnorCarol Scott-Connor is professor emeritus and chair emeritus in the Department of Surgery, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine–Iowa City. Dr. Scott-Connor received her undergraduate training in electrical engineering from MIT and worked as an engineer before attending medical school at New York University, where she completed her surgical residency. She then joined the faculty at Marshall University School of Medicine and subsequently the University of Mississippi before coming to the University of Iowa as professor and chair in 1995. Along the way, she completed her doctoral and master of business administration degrees. She is the author or editor of more than twelve textbooks or monographs, including three on various aspects of medical writing; numerous peer-reviewed publications; and an increasing number of creative writing pieces. She has chaired and participated in a series of committees of the National Academy of Medicine, which advised NASA on medical issues for astronauts, including issues surrounding long-term missions beyond low Earth orbit. Among other honors, she was the recipient of the Jeffrey Ponsky Master Educator Award from SAGES, and last year, she was elected a founding member of the American College of Surgeons Academy of Master Surgical Educators.


Marcus D. ShermanMarcus D. Sherman is a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan in the Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics studying structural variation under the mentorship of Ryan E. Mills. Sherman received his bachelor’s in biology with biomedical emphasis from the University of North Carolina–Pembroke while conducting transcriptomic research of ischemic attack models. Sherman is also the only student awarded an inaugural fellowship of the University of Michigan Medical School RISE program. Sherman’s RISE fellowship project is the development of the Pedagogy of Interdisciplinary Science Education (POISE) training program, which aims to teach future/early faculty members highly effective teaching practices with a focus on burgeoning interdisciplinary sciences. Outside of education and research, Sherman is focused on open-source software development, such that he has been on the staff for the annual Python programming language conference (PyCon) for over three years. He has also published his own open-source packages in the Journal of Open Source Software (JoSS) and acts as a regular reviewer for the same journal.


Todd FarchioneTodd Farchione is a research associate professor of psychological and brain sciences and the director of the Intensive Treatment Program for panic disorder and specific phobias at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. His research focuses on the development and testing of new preventative measures and treatments for anxiety, depression, and related emotional disorders. Professor Farchione has directed a number of influential federally funded research projects; teaches, lectures, and facilitates workshops on the treatment of emotional disorders; and is renowned for his work training clinicians in this area. He is the coauthor of the book The Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders and has published over seventy-five research articles in academic journals.

Participant Roster

Name Position Institution Summit 5 Role
Charlotte Beyer, AHIP Instruction & Reference Librarian Boxer Library, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, IL Librarian Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 1a Cochair
Saskia Bolore Site License Manager for the Americas JAMA Network, Chicago, IL Industry Participant
Tim Butzen, MLIS   Doody Consulting, LLC Summit Facilitator
Lisa Marie Carter Director of Library Services Health Science Libraries, Hartford Healthcare, Hartford, CT Librarian Participant
Nadine Dexter, PhD, AHIP Director Health Sciences Library; Co-Director of Medical Informatics University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL Librarian Participant
Daniel J. Doody   Doody Consulting, LLC Summit Facilitator
John Gallagher Director Harvey Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT Librarian Participant
Karen Gutzman Head Research Assessment and Communications, Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL Librarian Participant
Susan Haering Director, NEJM Group Licensing Massachusetts Medical Society/NEJM Group, Boston, MA Industry Participant
Deborah Harris Global Director, Sales and Marketing F1000, London, United Kingdom Industry Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 2 Cochair
Andy Hickner Health Sciences Librarian Interprofessional Health Sciences Library & Information Commons, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ Librarian Participant
Lauren Jones Senior Strategic Marketing Manager BMJ, Hoboken, NJ Industry Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 3 Cochair
Andrea C. Kepsel, AHIP Health Sciences Educational Technology Librarian MSU Libraries, Michigan State University–East Lansing Librarian Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 3 Cochair
Alisha Khan Product Manager Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY Industry Participant
Elizabeth Laera, AHIP Medical Librarian McMahon-Sibley Medical Library, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Birmingham, AL Librarian Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 1 Cochair
Susan Lamprey Manager, Product Strategy Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY Industry Participant
Jason Malley Executive Editor, Clinical Medicine McGraw Hill Education Industry Participant
John McDuffie Senior Vice President American Psychiatric Association, Washington, DC Industry Participant
David Nygren Senior Director, Marketing and Branding American Psychological Association, New York, NY Industry Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 1a Cochair
Gerald (Jerry) Perry, AHIP, FMLA Director Libraries, University of Arizona–Tucson Librarian Participant, MLA InSight Committee Liaison, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 2 Cochair
Sean Pidgeon Publishing Director, Science and Medicine Oxford University Press, New York, NY Industry Participant, Program Committee Member, and Small Group 1 Cochair
Barbara A. Platts, AHIP Director Knowledge Management Services, Munson Healthcare, Traverse City, MI Librarian Participant
Ryan Rodriguez Customer Engagement Manager, The Americas BMJ, Hoboken, NJ Industry Participant
Jean Song, AHIP Assistant Director, Academic and Clinical Engagemen Taubman Health Sciences Libraries, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Librarian Participant
Angela Spencer, AHIP Health Sciences Reference Librarian, Assistant Professor St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO Librarian Participant
Amanda Sprochi, AHIP Health Sciences Cataloger J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library, University of Missouri–Columbia Librarian Participant

Program Committee


  • Charlotte Beyer, AHIP, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, IL
  • Andrea C. Kepsel, AHIP, Michigan State University–East Lansing
  • Elizabeth Laera, AHIP, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Birmingham, AL
  • Gerald (Jerry) Perry, AHIP, FMLA, University of Arizona–Tucson

Representatives from Participating Organizations

  • Deborah Harris, F1000
  • Lauren Jones, BMJ
  • David Nygren, American Psychological Association
  • Sean Pidgeon, Oxford University Press

Liaison and Facilitators

  • Gerald J. Perry, AHIP, FMLA, University of Arizona–Tucson, and Liaison, InSight Initiative Task Force
  • Daniel J. Doody, Facilitator, Doody Consulting
  • Tim Butzen, Facilitator, Doody Consulting

Working Group Cochairs

Group 1: Managing the End User Advisory Board: Developing the Persistent End Product

Group 1a: Designing, Delivering, and Reporting Results of End User Survey: Developing the Persistent End Product

  • David Nygren, Cochair
  • Charlotte Beyer, AHIP, Cochair

Group 2: Developing a Curriculum for a Continuing Education Course for Librarians and Publishers Focusing on Understanding End User Behavior

  • Deborah Harris, Cochair
  • Gerald Perry, AHIP, FMLA, Cochair

Group 3: Developing and Monitoring an End User Forum

  • Lauren Jones, Cochair
  • Andrea C. Kepsel, AHIP, Cochair


Small Group Assignments

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