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Organizing Committees

2018 National Planning Committee

National Planning Committee (NPC) members set the course for the largest gathering of medical librarians and health information professionals in the world. The NPC selects the meeting theme, logo, schedule, and keynote speakers for the McGovern Lecture and Wednesday plenary sessions. The NPC issues the call for submissions for papers, lightning talks, and posters and promotes the meeting.

  • David Nolfi, Co-Chair
  • Debra Berlanstein, Co-Chair
  • Sandra Franklin, Local Assistance Committee, Chair
  • Joe Swanson, Jr., Local Assistance Committee, Co-Chair
  • Molly Knapp
  • Joey Nicholson
  • Brandi Tuttle
  • Susan Steelman
  • Montie Dobbins
  • Meredith Solomon
  • Emily Johnson
  • Tallie Casucci
  • Brenda Linares
  • John Bramble
  • Barbara Epstein, AHIP, Board Liaison
  • Paul Graller, Meeting Consultant
  • Tina Vickery, Meeting Consultant
  • Ray Naegele, Staff Liaison

Local Assistance Committee

Local Assistance Committee (LAC) members promote the meeting city, provide local support, and welcome attendees. The LAC plans the annual invitation at the prior year’s meeting, prepares the restaurant guide, plans library tours, and hosts the hospitality information booth.

  • Sandra G. Franklin, AHIP, Chair
  • Joe Swanson, Jr., Cochair.
  • Roland B. Welmaker, Sr., Publicity and Promotion Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Mia White, AHIP, Publicity and Promotion Subcommittee Chair
  • Hannah Rogers, Hospitality & Information Booth Co-Chair
  • Shannon Glover, Hospitality & Information Booth Co-Chair
  • Hannah Rutledge, CE Liaison
  • Jerrold Mobley, Restaurant Guide & Dine Arounds, Chair
  • Shenita Peterson, Service Project, Coordinator
  • Skye Bickett, AHIP, Blog/Facebook Correspondent (Social Media)
  • Jeremy Kupsco, Activities Coordinator
  • Tara Douglas-Williams, At Large
  • Amy Allison, AHIP, At Large
  • Tina Vickery, Meeting Consultant
  • Ray Naegele, Staff Liaison

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