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Academy of Health Professionals (AHIP) Points Index Updates for 2022

Right before the MLA Annual Meeting, the Credentialing Committee hosted its Annual Business Meeting on April 25th. This year the committee is happy to pass on many updates, additions, and changes to the AHIP points index. All updates that are suggestions were presented to a member of the Credentialing Committee to be brought before the full committee for discussion and voting. The Committee would like to thank everyone who has submitted suggestions to assist us in making the process of receiving or updating AHIP credentialing a bit easier.

AHIP Points Index Changes:

  1. Workgroup participation will now be eligible for points. Workgroups will be classified the same as Committees and wording will be added to the appropriate areas under Professional Association Participation.
  2. MLA Representation on International Organizations was not previously recognized. This has also been added to the points index under Professional Association Participation receiving the same number of points as national representatives.
  3. Scoping Reviews are now included with systematic reviews. Points have been moved to the Publishing/Authoring area of the Index and will now also include points for protocols for systematic reviews, clinical trials and scoping reviews.
  4. Living Library participants will be able to claim points for teaching/designing an MLA course for each session they participate as a ‘book’.
  5. Independent Reading Program Selectors will now be able to claim committee credit for their work with proper documentation.
  6. Journal article documentation has been updated to reflect the difficulty of obtaining title pages in the electronic era. Library journals will only require the article title page with author name and non-library journals will require the article title page and proof of journal peer-review.
  7. Advanced Degree Competence Fulfillment for AHIP membership (i.e. any non-library degree) will now allow classwork to cover more than one of the six MLA competencies.

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