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Precision Medicine: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

We are living in an era of amazing scientific progress. Advances in computing capabilities have decreased both the time and cost of sequencing genomes, resulting in the possibility of harnessing this technology to improve health and treat disease. There is a lot of talk about genomic medicine these days, but how much is hope and how much is hype? The Precision Medicine Initiative is underway in the United States. What is THAT about, and how does it relate to personal genomics and personalized medicine? Does pharmacogenomics have anything to do with this? And what exactly IS pharmacogenomics? This webinar will address these questions and provide an overview of the basic concepts and ethical concerns surrounding precision medicine. Participants will come away with information and resources they can use personally as well as professionally.

For more information on Precision Medicine: What Is It and Why Should I Care? and other recorded webinars, go to MEDLIB-ED.


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