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Information Session on The Data Catalog Collaboration Project

Is your library interested in highlighting research data generated at your institution? Are you invested in helping researchers share and discover data that is not readily accessible elsewhere online? Come learn about implementing an institutional data catalog and the collaborating group of librarians that support it at an information session at MLA '19 in Chicago.

The Data Catalog Collaboration Project (DCCP) is a group of nine academic libraries working to highlight institutional biomedical research data using an open source data catalog. The open source data catalog provides researchers with an entry point for making their data discoverable, while still maintaining control of that data. Because each DCCP institution has their own version of the data catalog, together they collaborate to develop metadata, improve software, address data sharing use cases, build documentation to reduce data sharing barriers, and make biomedical research data more discoverable.

During the information session, participants from the DCCP will discuss their own institutional data catalogs, the challenges they have faced, and their successes. The session will include an open question and answer period to discuss the process of working together to plan, implement, sustain an institutional data catalog.

Join us: 

Data Catalog Collaboration Information Session
Sunday, May 5,  12:00PM – 12:55 PM
Gold Coast Room (West Tower, Concourse/Bronze Level)

Any questions about the session, the data catalog, or the DCCP can be directed to Kevin Read at

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