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MLA Planning and Budget Process: Committees

Please use the Planning grid/worksheet and Budget Request Form to submit plans for the coming fiscal year (January 1–December 31). In developing your planning grid, consult MLA's Strategic Goals.

Please email your planning grid and budget request form to Susan Chesniak at MLA Headquarters with copies to your board and staff liaisons. Or you may fax forms to 312.419.8950. Please contact your staff liaison at headquarters with questions.

Deadline:  September 8, 2015


Q: Do I need to have an objective for each Goal?
A: No, you only need objectives for those that relate to your committees charge.

Q: Why use the Planning Grid?
A: The Planning Grid will help you link your committee's objectives to the strategic goals of the association.

Q: Should I include recurring items in the Budget Request?
A: No, in most instances MLA will include recurring items in the Headquarters budget.

Q: What is the Association Year/Fiscal Year?
A: The association's year (beginning and ending terms for elected and appointed leaders) is from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting (generally May–May; officially June 1 to May 31). The fiscal year is from January 1–December 31. In fulfilling your committee's objectives for your leadership year, you will be using part of the previous year's budget and part of the upcoming year's budget. For this reason it is important that you consult with the current chair of the committee as well as the chair-elect in developing your budget. This will provide continuity for your committee's planning and accomplishment of your objectives.

Q: How do I complete the Budget Request Form?
A: Please place the total dollar figure from the Resources Required spaces on the planning grids on the budget request form. In other words, the total budget request should equal the sum of the financial resources needed for each objective represented on the planning grid forms. Please round amounts to the nearest $50.

Q: Who should I contact for questions on completing the Planning Grid?
A:  Your Staff Liaison. For objectives that may be complex and involve several steps for their successful accomplishment, sample action plans are provided in the committee chair manual. This is for your internal planning only—€”do not send action plans to headquarters.

Q: How do I find out who is my committee's board and/or staff liaison?
A:  Please logon to MLANET, My MLANET, Leaderhip Rosters and choose your committee. If you still have questions, please contact Mary Langman.

Q: Where do I send my Committee Planning Grid and Budget Request?
A: MLA Headquarters attention Susan Chesniak, your committee board and staff liaisons.