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International News

Australia’s CareSearch Releases Smart Searching Modules

Librarians at CareSearch, a palliative care–focused knowledge network based in Australia, have produced online modules to encourage logical and formal searching. The modules are based on methods developed and used by CareSearch and Flinder University research team Flinders Filters. The modules tackle various search techniques such as testing a search against known relevant references and using selected references to harvest search terms to test. All examples use databases with thesauri, but can also be applied to other resources such as Google Scholar. Learn more about the Smart Searching modules.

Australian Report Series Highlights Future Library and Information Sector Trends

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has produced a series of reports highlighting predicted future trends in the library and information sector. Based on consultations with “leaders in the field and a broad range of contributors,” the reports outline emerging trends including new technologies, “a global market for education,” and changes in the “corporate world.” The reports are supplemented by summaries and actions based on findings. Learn more about and view the reports.

Canadian Group Launches Alcohol Consumption Monitoring App

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has developed a new mobile app aimed at people who want to reduce or quit drinking alcohol. The app allows users to track and manage personal drinking habits. The app, Saying When, is based on “a self-monitoring program pioneered by Dr. Martha Sanchez-Craig.” Originally paper-based, the program “has helped people cut back or quit drinking successfully for over 25 years” and is not designed for people with a serious drinking problem. View the press release, and download the app.

Cochrane Editorial Unit Releases New Systematic Review Resources

Two new resources based on the Cochrane Editorial Unit’s (CEU’s) screening process have been developed to assist systematic review authors. The resources provide assistance in the form of “common errors and examples of good practice” on various issues including departing from protocols, reporting statistical uncertainty, integrating evidence ratings, and more. View the press release, and access the two resources.

Commercials for Health Sciences Library Services Win IFLA Prize

In an effort to increase service awareness and use, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) Health Sciences Library produced three commercials illustrating core library services: mobile apps, article retrieval, and information alerts. The commercials have garnered the library second prize in the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions’ (IFLA’s) International Marketing Award. View RQHR Health Sciences Library’s commercials, and learn more about IFLA’s International Marketing Award.

The Lancet Series on Waste in Research Spawns Website, launched by the same authors who produced the recent The Lancet series on waste in research, “aims to provide a hub for sharing information and resources regarding how to increase the value of both basic and applied research and reduce research waste.” According to the authors, much of the waste in research can be fixed by simple actions such as appropriate randomization or blinding of a clinical trial. The website also includes a news feed and an events calendar to keep users up to date and engaged. A related blog post from EQUATOR, “Can Librarians Contribute to Increasing Value and Reducing Waste in Medical Research?," proposes that expanding and promoting library services as aids to such concerns would raise the profile of libraries in their institutions and the research community. View the press release, and watch The Lancet series videos.