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The Board of Directors Gratefully Acknowledges Contributors

The Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the following contributors, whose donations were received after April 1, 2014:

Ellen M. Aaronson, AHIP • Margaret (Peg) Allen, FMLA • Kristine M. Alpi, AHIP • Wanda E. Anderson • Erinn Aspinall, AHIP • Thomas Basler, FMLA • Virginia L. Beatty • Amy Blevins • Paul M. Blobaum • Jane Blumenthal, AHIP • Laura Brown • Holly S. Buchanan, AHIP, FMLA • Mary Buttner • Gary D. Byrd, AHIP, FMLA • Debra Cavanaugh • Susan K. Cavanaugh • Ana D. Cleveland, AHIP, FMLA • Susan Y. Crawford, AHIP, FMLA • James A. Curtis • Rebecca A. Davis, AHIP • Jennifer DeBerg • Jo Dorsch, AHIP, FMLA • Sharon Easterby-Gannett, AHIP • Julia Esparza, AHIP • Rosalind Farnam, AHIP, FMLA • Carolyn Fishel • Janet S. Fisher, AHIP, FMLA • Gary A. Freiburger, AHIP • Carla J. Funk, CAE • Mark E. Funk, AHIP, FMLA • Patricia E. Gallagher, AHIP • Carole M. Gilbert, AHIP, FMLA • Linne’ Girouard • Kelly Gonzalez, AHIP • Kimberly M. Granath, AHIP • Thomasine Gunn • Rachel Helbing, AHIP • Cynthia L. Henderson, AHIP • History of the Health Sciences Section • Heather N. Holmes, AHIP • Ruth Holst, AHIP, FMLA • Hospital Libraries Section of MLA • Betsy L. Humphreys, FMLA • Sue Hunter • Mary A. Hyde, AHIP • International Cooperation Section of MLA • Terry Ann Jankowski, AHIP • Rae Jesano, AHIP • Dixie A. Jones, AHIP • Janice E. Kelly • Mary Lou Klem • Teresa L. Knott, AHIP • Fran E. Kovach, AHIP • Michelle Kraft, AHIP • Ramune K. Kubilius, AHIP • Kathy Kwan • Deborah L. Lauseng • Janna Lawrence, AHIP • Beth A. Layton, AHIP • Leadership and Management Section of MLA • Jeanne Marie LeBer, AHIP • Anne M. Linton, AHIP • Carolyn E. Lipscomb, AHIP, FMLA • Lisa A. Marks, AHIP • Joanne Gard Marshall, AHIP, FMLA • Erich Meyerhoff, AHIP, FMLA • Lynn Kasner Morgan • Margot A. Natividad • Tony Nguyen, AHIP • Richard H. Nollan • Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group • Rikke Sarah Ogawa, AHIP • Keydi Boss O’Hagan, AHIP • Kathleen Burr Oliver • Darlene Parker-Kelly • Heidi M. Patterson • Margaret I. Peloquin, AHIP • Public Services Section of MLA • Deborah C. Rand, AHIP • Tovah Reis • Jean E. Riedlinger, AHIP • Neil Romanosky • Stephanie Schulte • Chris Shaffer, AHIP • Jean P. Shipman, AHIP, FMLA • Dorothy P. Sinha, AHIP • Julia Sollenberger, AHIP, FMLA • Geneva Bush Staggs, AHIP • Gretchen Stephens • Bette S. Sydelko, AHIP • Virginia Tanji • Mary K. Taylor, AHIP • Technical Services Section of MLA • Mahnaz A. Tehrani, AHIP • Patricia Thibodeau, AHIP, FMLA • Cheryl A. Thompson • Kelly Thormodson • M.J. Tooey, AHIP, FMLA • Vislava T. Tylman • University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System • Mark Vrabel, AHIP • Eileen M. Wakiji, AHIP • Elizabeth Fine Weinfurter • Abraham Wheeler, AHIP • Gail A. Yokote, FMLA

The Board of Directors recognizes the generous ways in which members give of their time and resources to support the work of the association. Your service on committees, task forces, chapters, and sections and your financial support strengthen MLA’s programs and services and the profession. As you consider your annual giving, you may wish to support the following initiatives:

  • supporting MLA annual meeting attendance-related expenses for librarians involved in nursing, allied health, consumer health, or international librarianship through the Ysabel Bertolucci MLA Annual Meeting Grant, which will be first awarded when the fund is fully endowed;
  • assisting in the education and training of US health sciences librarians by broadening their experience to include health sciences library outreach, education, and research projects outside the United States and Canada through the MLA Librarians without Borders® Ursula Poland International Award, which will be first awarded when the fund is fully endowed;
  • assisting medical libraries impacted by natural and man-made disasters throughout the world through MLA’s Medical Library Disaster Fund;
  • furthering MLA’s research agenda through continued implementation of the recommendations of The Research Imperative: The Research Policy Statement of the Medical Library Association and support of the Donald A. B. Lindberg Research Fellowship Endowment Fund;
  • fostering excellence and achievement in health sciences librarianship by providing continuing professional development opportunities through the MLA Grants and Scholarship Fund.

If you wish to contribute to any of these funds or others that you are particularly interested in, please make your check payable to the Medical Library Association and designate the fund of your choice in your check’s subject line or in an accompanying note. Please mail your check to Medical Library Association, Department 4627, Carol Stream, IL 60122-4627. Contributions also may be made online through the MLA store. MLA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit professional educational organization, and your donation is fully tax deductible.