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Joint MLA/AAHSL Legislative Task Force

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Task Force Charge

Joint MLA/AAHSL Legislative Task Force

Established 1985; revised December 1987, May 1991, February 2002 (effective May 2002)

The task force develops and promotes a joint legislative agenda both externally and internally. MLA is represented on the task force by the executive director, the president (one year), the Governmental Relations chair (four-year term beginning the final year as chair-designate of the Governmental Relations Committee), and three members at large (one serves a three-year term, two serve four-year terms). The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL) is represented by the association's president, and four AAHSL members at large with legislative experience. AAHSL members serve four year terms. MLA and AAHSL members at large may be appointed for a consecutive second term.