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Awards Committee and Juries

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Awards Committee

(Formerly Honors and Awards Committee)
Established January 1985; Revised February 1998, September 2005
The committee consists of at least seven members, two appointed annually for three-year terms. The chair normally remains for a fourth year in this office; the chair-designate normally is selected from third-year members. The immediate past president serves as a voting, ex officio member. Donors of MLA awards are not eligible for appointment. The committee shall:

  • administer the general MLA awards
  • recommend to the board all policies relating to awards sponsored by MLA
  • review periodically the appropriateness of existing general awards
  • recommend modification, elimination, or suspension of existing awards
  • make recommendations with respect to proposed awards
  • coordinate the work of juries to select recipients of MLA awards
  • provide general guidance regarding procedural aspects of the awards
  • prepare, prior to the annual meeting, a master list of prospective recipients for endorsement by the board
  • recommend, when appropriate, a candidate for the Marcia C. Noyes Award, given only when the committee agrees that a medical librarian should receive it for outstanding achievement
  • prepare and submit an annual budget and midyear and annual reports


Juries consist of an odd number of members with a minimum of three members appointed annually for one-year terms. One member is appointed as chair and serves as an ex officio member of the Awards Committee.