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Reach MLA Members with Email Blasts

Reach the entire MLA membership in the most effective and convenient way through our new email blast service. This exciting year-round opportunity carries your messages to key decision makers in the health sciences information field. Send your messages to us as HTML attachments, and we’ll do the rest.

Email blasts sent the weeks you choose.

We also offer email blasts to annual meeting registrants during selected times of year. 


$3,800 for 1 message
2 messages for $3,400 each
3 messages for $3,150 each

To reserve space simply complete the order form.


Desired week of blasts must be included with order. Blasts are sent only on weekdays. The total number of blasts per day may be limited.

All messages are due together 2 weeks prior to the first blast to Barb Redmond.

All messages are subject to approval by the Medical Library Association (MLA). MLA reserves the right to reject any order. The distribution of the message to MLA’s members does not constitute MLA’s endorsement or approval of goods and services. MLA’s name or logo should not be used in the message without MLA’s prior written approval.


  • Email blasts must be sent as HTML attachments. Please do not forward your blast or embed it in the body of the email to MLA, as this will result in formatting problems. Text-only email blasts may be sent as Word attachments.
  • Do not include opt-out information. MLA tracks opt-outs.
  • Please host any images on your web server.
  • Use absolute image links. The image tags should look like <img src=""> not <img src="images/logo.gif">
  • Do not use a cascading style sheet (CSS) as part of your code. Non-web-based email programs (such as Outlook) cannot interpret CSS.
  • Check your email blast by sending it through at least one email program before submitting. Files often look different in email programs than they do in a web browser.
  • Pay attention to special characters--including "smart" quotation marks, en and em dashes, and non-English characters. These may not render correctly, resulting in a messy appearance.
  • Please indicate which specific fonts you would like the text to be presented in. This avoids any problems with translation from editor to web that might occur.
  • Maximum size is 32,512 HTML characters.
  • Test email (and final email blast) will come from
  • Please leave space at bottom for MLA to add opt out link.

For assistance in developing your marketing approach to MLA members, contact Barbara Redmond, 312.419.9094 x26.

Integrated Marketing

Complement your email blast marketing by becoming a website or e-newsletter sponsor, an annual meeting exhibitor or sponsor, or by renting an MLA mailing list.