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Submitting a Job Ad

Placing an Ad

Email orders and ad copy to Susan Talmage (312.419.9094 x25); please type "MLA job ad" in the subject line. Ads appear on MLANET for four weeks. Ads are posted weekly on Wednesdays. See below for information on placing a display ad in the MLA News.

Orders must include the following:
  1. contact name and billing information, including email address for billing (our preferred method of invoicing)
  2. institutional membership status (you must provide your institutional membership ID number to qualify for a discount)
  3. when you expect your ad to appear (see Deadlines)
Important information (Read)
  • All "Positions Available" listings must list a minimum salary; a salary range is preferred.
  • MLA cannot provide quotes; however, you can estimate the cost by using the formula below (see Rates). Ad costs are based on word counts as submitted, including salary information, if it was submitted separately.
  • Copies of online postings are provided only with prior request. You are encouraged to print out and review a copy of your online ad as soon as it appears on MLANET.
  • All ads received will be acknowledged via email. If an acknowledgment is not received, please resubmit the information or contact staff at the email address or phone number listed above.


  • As part of their benefits, MLA Institutional Members may place the first 50 words of a “Positions Available” listing free of charge if the ad has a word count of at least 100 words. Each word after the first 50 or each word if the ad is less than 100 words will be charged at a discounted rate of $2.65 per word.

  • "Positions Available" discounts are not available to Individual MLA Members.

  • Ads placed by individual members, nonmembers, employment or advertising agencies, or other third parties are computed at $3.00 per word.

  • Any existing ad may be run again for an additional 4 weeks immediately following the original 4-week posting on MLANET (totaling 8 consecutive weeks) for $100.00 more.

  • Individual MLA members seeking employment may place a “Position Wanted” listing of up to 100 words free of charge, $1.25 per each word over 100 (nonmember rate: $1.50 per word).

  • You will be invoiced after the first appearance of your ad. Rerun costs will be included, if applicable.
  • MLA accepts credit card payment. You will be contacted by our Financial and Administration Department prior to invoicing to provide this information.

Format of Job Ads

  • Job ads are arranged by date of posting, then geographically by state, and then alphabetically by job title.
  • Headings used in job descriptions include Required, Preferred, and Salary.
  • Allowed abbreviations are FTE (full-time equivalent), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), AAE (affirmative action employer), EOE (equal opportunity employer), and M/F/D/V (minorities, females, people with disabilities, and veterans encouraged to apply). MLA job ads use MM/DD/YY (month/date/year) format.
  • MLA reserves the right to edit for space, clarity, and MLA style.
  • For employers who wish to post a job requesting someone with membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals, the following phrase should be inserted: "membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals required/preferred."
  • For employers who wish to post a job requesting someone with the MLA Consumer Health Information Specialization, the following phrase should be inserted: "Completion of MLA's Consumer Health Information Specialization program required/preferred."

MLANET Job Ads Deadlines

The weekly deadline for posting job ads is Tuesdays, noon, central time. Ads will be posted the next day, Wednesday. For example, ads received by Tuesday, noon, central time,September 22, 2015, will be posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2015, and ads received by Tuesday, noon, central time, September 29, 2015, will be posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

MLA News (Display Ads) and Other Job Placement Opportunities

Inquiries about display advertising for an open position or a banner sponsorship of our jobs site should be directed to Barbara Redmond at 312.419.9094 x26.

MLA's annual meeting in May also provides an opportunity to recruit through the Job Placement Center. Individual job seekers and employers can register with the Job Placement Center by completing the forms before the annual meeting. You do not have to attend the meeting to take advantage of this opportunity.