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Teach a CE Course at MLA's Annual Meeting

The Approval Process

Course ideas must be submitted to the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) for review at its midwinter meeting each January. The committee solicits course ideas and proposals before the midwinter meeting in the MLA News, on MEDLIB-L, and on MLANET. Please watch for these announcements.

If your course idea is approved, a CEC member will contact you and ask you to submit a proposal using the online application form so that the committee may determine the course's educational content and quality. The application forms should be completed before the annual CEC meeting, which is held during the MLA Annual Meeting in May. The application is a simple form and you must submit a curriculum vitae and detailed course agenda with it. You do not need to submit an original syllabus or course hand-outs.

If the CEC approves your course proposal, it is given to the professional development department for approval of MLA CE contact hours. After this final approval, staff will contact you about teaching at the next annual meeting.

Alternatives to Teaching at the Annual Meeting

If your course proposal is not approved for the annual meeting, your course can still receive MLA CE contact hours. The advantage of having contact hours is that your course will be available at the local and chapter levels. It will be in MLA's record of approved courses and on the MLA Educational Clearinghouse, from which course titles are taken for local sponsors of continuing education programs. For information about obtaining MLA contact hours, see the CE Approval Process for Course Developers.

Each year, MLA works with more than 100 organizations to host continuing education courses, to approve courses, and to award MLA CE contact hours. A wide variety of educational opportunities are considered—from MLA annual meeting courses to webcasts and webinars.

For information contact Debra Cavanugh in MLA's Professional Development Department at 312.419.9094 x32.

Symposia Development Process

A symposium is defined as a learning opportunity organized for the purpose of providing a forum for discussion of a well-defined topic. For example, research might be a theme of a conference but qualitative research for medical librarians could be the well-defined topic for a symposium. A symposium ideally provides an environment for the free exchange of ideas that goes beyond the normal Question and Answer session after a presentation. Typically, a symposium consists of a series of presentations contributed by experts in the defined subject area of the symposium topic, followed by an interchange of opinions among symposium participants. Active participation of the attendees is built into the symposium schedule. In order to receive MLA CE credit, a symposium must be sponsored by an MLA unit or chapter. MLA CE credit is awarded for time spent on program content and does not include the time for exhibit hours and poster sessions.