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Competencies for Professional Success: Task Force on Educational Policy Statement Revision Charge and Members

MLA President Joanne G. Marshall, FMLA, appointed the Task Force on Educational Policy Statement Revision and charged the group to:

  • review and revise Platform for Change in light of the needs of MLA members and the changing educational environment, making recommendations for changes in content, structure, and title the review should take into consideration the goals stated in MLA's strategic plan and the 2004/05 priorities and should result in an overall strategic statement of MLA's approach to education and professional development for its members in the future;
  • explore how the revised statement can be used to restructure and enhance current programs and to develop new programs as required in collaboration with the Continuing Education Committee;
  • initiate a dialogue among MLA members about the educational policy statement through an open forum at MLA '05; and
  • liaise with the Task Force on Research Policy Statement Revision as appropriate.


Task Force Members

  • Rick B. Forsman, AHIP, FMLA, Chair
    University of Colorado
  • Natalie Kamper
    University of California–Los Angeles
  • Marsha Kmec, AHIP
    Olive View University of California–Los Angeles Medical Center
  • Carolyn E. Lipscomb, AHIP
  • Barbara A. Rapp
    National Library of Medicine
  • Fred W. Roper, AHIP, FMLA
  • Linda Walton
    Northwestern University [now at University of Iowa]
  • Terry Ann Jankowski, AHIP, Continuing Education Committee Liaison
    University of Washington
  • Rosalind Lett, AHIP, Board Liaison
  • Carla J. Funk, CAE, Staff Liaison
    Medical Library Association
  • Kathleen Combs, Staff Liaison
    Medical Library Association


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