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Competencies for Professional Success

  1. Understand the health sciences and health care environment and the policies, issues and trends that impact that environment
  2. Know and understand the application of leadership, finance, communication, and management theory and techniques
  3. Understand the principles and practices related to providing information services to meet users' needs
  4. Have the ability to manage health information resources in a broad range of formats
  5. Understand and use technology and systems to manage all forms of information
  6. Understand curricular design and instruction and have the ability to teach ways to access, organize, and use information
  7. Understand scientific research methods and have the ability to critically examine and filter research literature from many related disciplines
  1. Individuals and professional organizations
  2. Health sciences librarians
  3. The Medical Library Association
  4. Employers of health sciences librarians
  5. Library and information science educators
  6. The National Library of Medicine


Original Task Force Recommendations

Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success: The Educational Policy Statement of the Medical Library Association