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Library Schools: Arizona

University of Arizona

School of Information Resources and Library Sciences

Course #
Course Title
Scheduled Offering
IRLS 533 Medical Online Searching Kramer fall 2009
IRLS 588

Issues in Information Resources:Health, Cultural Communities & Cultural Competencies

Nunez summer 2009
IRLS 588 Issues in Information Resources:Consumer Health Information in a Multi-Cultural Society Auflick summer 2009
IRLS 588 Issues in Information Resources:Health Sciences Library Administration and Practice (soon to be 565) Kramer spring 2009
IRLS 634 Data Management in Healthcare Systems faculty (Nursing) fall 2009
IRLS 646 Health Care Information Systems faculty (Nursing) fall 2008
IRLS 693 Internship faculty each semester
IRLS 694 Practicum faculty each semester
IRLS 699 Independent Study faculty each semester
IRLS 910 Thesis faculty each semester

Course offerings and instructors may have changed since this page was last updated. Please visit the school site directly for the most current information.