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MLA Symposium Fund-Raising Guidelines

Symposia Held at the MLA Annual Meeting

How to Get Started

1. Make sure that any fund-raising goals or plans are included in the symposium proposal presented to the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) at the annual meeting (1) year prior to the date of the symposium.

2. Once the symposium has been approved by the CEC and added to the annual meeting roster, please contact Debra Cavanaugh, the MLA coordinator of continuing education. She will be your official symposium planning and fund raising contact.

Different steps need to be taken depending on the planned fund raising amount.

First, the MLA Board of Directors must be notified of all fundraising plans.

Second, work with the coordinator of continuing education to plan your fund raising.

  • MLA will provide an annual list of sponsors benefits
  • Determine the procedures that will be followed
  • Assign contacts and deadlines

3. Once step 2 is accomplished and all parties understand the terms, fund raising may begin after October 1.

**Between May and October 1, all MLA units should not engage in fund raising for the coming year's annual meeting. This allows for NPC fund raising without donor confusion.

4. As fund raising moves forward, progress reports must be provided to MLA. (Please see this excerpt from the MLA Finance Manual for specifics.)


1. Contact vendors to see if they are interested in sponsoring the symposium.

2. Notify the coordinator of CE as soon as you receive a positive response. The best way to notify the coordinator is to fax the "Symposium Fund Raising Contact" form (see below) to her at MLA.

3. Once the coordinator has the information from the contact form, an invoice and a thank you letter from the executive director will be sent to the sponsor.

Symposium Fund Raising Contact Form